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Stuffed Animals: Gifts for Young Children

stuffed animals Stuffed animals have been around for ages. Years ago, almost every child had a teddy bear or favorite plush toy, and that stuffed animal became a cherished companion. Stuffed animals are very often a young child’s first friend, and many lessons can be learned from this special relationship.

Children frequently learn how to express their feelings non-verbally to their stuffed animal, and this is so important in the development of openness and an ability to share innermost thoughts and feelings. Children learn the concept of sharing with their stuffed friend, and the concept of caring through their relationship with these furry beings.

Giving a stuffed animal as a gift is a wonderful way to start a young child on the journey of life. But these gifts should be age appropriate and the right size for the child. Every child should be able to hold his stuffed animal to cuddle and communicate with. This can be a child’s first experience of “This is mine”, and communication can be very private.

Often even young children will indicate that they have a favorite animal, and if you are lucky enough to have that information, you should favor buying that animal. Boys will often prefer dogs to cats, and monkeys to teddies. But keep in mind that you also teach the child about that animal by giving it as a gift, so if the child is a bit older, more exotic stuffed animals like giraffes and parrots could be wonderful.

Of course there is nothing more beloved than the teddy bear and you ought not to shy away from buying one just because everyone thinks of him when thinking of a stuffed animal. They are cuddly and loyal companions, and every child responds to a teddy. When buying for a specific child, keep in mind the child’s size and age, colors she responds to, and gender. Some teddies look masculine and some feminine.

Whatever your decision, you can rest assured that a stuffed animal will be welcome by parents and treasured by the child.


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Wish Your Zoo Factory Animal a Happy Birthday!

zoo factory birth certificate

On your birthday you like to celebrate and have a great time with friends and family. Maybe you even have Zoo Factory birthday party planned for your little one. A birthday is a time to celebrate and look back on the fact that you have become another year older.

The older you get the more you would like to forget it, but your children find it to be a very important day to them. They will also think it is important when their own little friend from zoo factory has their very own birth certificate.

The birth certificate your Zoo Factory pets come with has a place to put the name your child has chosen for their pet. This is the time for them to choose a name they would want and name they think has meaning. Don’t take the creativity away from them, they are only little for so long.

The next thing on the certificate is the date in which you made their pet. This will forever be their birthday and your child can celebrate it for years to come. Maybe they will give their friend a birthday as big as their own. Well, in their imagination anyways.

The last and maybe the most important thing on the birth certificate is the name of the child who made them. This will serve as a forever reminder that they made them and they promised to forever keep them safe. When the days are gone that they no longer want to play with their stuffed toys you can add this to a growing book of memories to reflect on when they have children, and continue the tradition of making their very own friend.

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Buying the Best Stuffed Animals for Any Age

stuffed animalsStuffed animals become well loved and treasured family members to a child. Even many adults still have their favorite stuffed teddy or kitty from their youth, and often these animals are passed down from one generation to another as beloved heirlooms. But all stuffed animals are not appropriate for all ages and there are a few things to take into consideration before gifting one of these childhood joys.


Very young children between the ages of 0-2 years of age require stuffed toys that have nothing that can be accidently swallowed. This means no lights, noise makers, or clothing. The animal should be small enough to be comfortably held by the child, and brightly colored for attention and interest. The hair should be short so that it cannot be chewed and swallowed. The animal should also be washable.


For children ages 3 and up, look for some of the child’s favorite animals. Never get a stuffed toy that the child might be scared of. For younger kids, be sure nothing can be swallowed. Be aware whether or not the stuffed friend is washable. At the young end of ages, keeping the animals clean is very important.


Buy a stuffed animal that has some longevity. You may have to spend a bit more, but having a toy that will last and last as the child grows, gives that child to really bond with the animal. Also keep in mind what kind of storage is available in the home where the child lives. Very large stuffed animals are unique and fun, but most children like to be able to easily hold and often sleep with the animal.


And finally, even adult’s love stuffed animals. Buying a dear friend a replacement for a loved animal that has been lost or is in an irreparable state can be a very loving thing to do. Stuffed animals remind us of easier times gone by long ago, when there were no responsibilities and obligations, and when the comfort of a stuffed toy could obliterate fears and ease you into sleep.

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Cleaning Your Stuffed Ani-pal

UnicornKids and stuffed animals; they go together like cheese and crackers. Your child’s favorite fluffy friend is a companion, confidante, and playmate. Keeping these treasures clean and cared for is something your child can get into quite easily with a little help from you.


Pookie the piglet or Snowflake the rabbit are going to get soiled and collect dust and your child should know that, just as he needs to take care of his body, his ani-pal’s body needs care as well. Showing him how to do this is not only instructive, but creates a deeper bond between child and stuffed animal.


A simple hand-held vacuum can be used regularly to remove surface dust, and even a young child can do this. Make sure to get into all of Snowflake’s crevices, to vacuum feet, and give the entire body a good overhaul. It might also be good to explain to your child that dust is bad for his pal as well as himself, and that removing dust is good for Pookie’s health. Children imbue their toys with human emotions and needs, and your child will want a happy and healthy stuffed animal.


dragonEvery few months it is a good idea to give your child’s stuffed animal a “bath” by putting it in the washing machine. Use cold water and a gentle cycle and follow the cleaning instructions on the animal. While you are doing this you will be teaching your child how to use the washing machine, as well as helping him understand that his ani-pal needs to be clean just as he does.


You can make these tasks fun events for your child, special times for him and his stuffed animal to share together. And they can be instructional as well. This is a time for teaching your child how to care for someone other than himself, and these times of growth are important and precious for everyone, even for you.

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Why Do Kids Love Stuffed Animals?

teddy bearStuffed animals have been a classic children’s toy for decades, but why? What makes them so special? Even in this technological age, stuffed animals haven’t lost their appeal to children. Read on to discover some of the reasons why this is.

They come in all different sizes and colors, which make them extremely versatile. They can be in the style of different animals, including whichever is the person’s favorite.

One great reason is that they can encourage a nurturing attitude. Many times you see kids playing house, or school, or acting out their favorite scenes from movies. They do this because they are pretending to be adults! Having a stuffed animal allows them to take care of them. In their eyes, they make the best student, child, or playmate in their eyes. They can take care of them when they are sick and they get to try their hand at responsibilities. This stage of play is crucial to their social and mental development, so encourage them to put them down for a nap!

Stuffed animals are always smiling, which means they are always a source of positive interaction. From a young age, we are taught to associate smiling with positive feelings. Stuffed animals always have a smile on their face, which means they are always available for when they are having a bad day. Even if someone else is disappointed in them, teddy won’t be!

Ever noticed how great stuffed animals are at giving hugs? Squishy hugs are the best at making a day better. Stuffed animals don’t need to breathe either, so they can get a bear hug for a long time! The softness and warmth of a stuffed animal just can’t be beat.

In addition to all of this, they are very easy to clean. When a child has a messy room, stuffed animals are very easy to pick up and put in their designated spot. They quickly find that they can see the floor again, and when their favorite stuffed animals have messy fur, they are easy to clean as well. More often than not, they can have a spa day in the washing machine and come out looking better than ever.

Children will create a special bond with their toys, so it’s important to get one that lasts. Stuffed animals tend to outlive electronic toys, or anything that comes in one hundred pieces that tend to get lost over time. Stuffed animals can be sewn if they rip, whereas plastic toys are harder to put back together. Stuffed animals can last for years without much fuss.

The benefits don’t stop there! It’s been shown time and time again that having a stuffed animal can cause toddlers to start becoming more independent. When your toddler has a task or skill to perform, encourage them to show teddy how it should be done. Having someone to teach will strengthen their confidence and their ability to do tasks on their own.


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Outfits: The Ultimate Accessory for Playtime

denim shortsWhen people think of the month of October, one of the things they also think of is Halloween. Of course, this will make us think of candy, but this is also a great time to dress up!

Everyone loves getting to pretend that they are someone else. Whether the costume is a pirate, or an animal, or a superhero, or even a fairy princess, Halloween is a time to play pretend and have loads of fun. But you know who else really loves to dress up? Your stuffable animals!

And this isn’t just during the month of October. The Zoo Factory has outfits that fit both the larger and smaller stuffed animals, and they work for any occasion!

For those casual days when it’s time to down with some playtime fun, we have options like denim shorts, plain colored T-shirts, frilly dressand even some pajamas too! These articles of clothing will allow your best friend to feel comfortable while playing with you!

And for those days where they need to look a little spiffier, we have dressier options as well! From frilly dresses to sequined shirts to tutus, we have everything that you and your stuffable animal could ever need for a fun night out on the town.

October as we mentioned before is a great time to dress up, there are just so many possibilities! Just like you, your stuffable animals have a personality all their own, and wouldn’t it be nice to have outfits that expressed that for them as well?

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Tips for Stuffing Your Stuffable Animals


We all know how fun it can be to assemble our animals and truly make them our own. You can personalize them, dress them up, and they make you feel like a million bucks!

But, your stuffed animal deserves to look and feel just as good. There are many things you can do to make sure that your stuffable animal will look awesome, and a lot of it has to do with how you stuff it. Here are some awesome tips on making sure you stuff your animal in a way that will make it look great!

bengal tiger

    • There are going to be some sections of your animal that are going to be harder to reach with the stuffing. Use the eraser side of a pencil to help you with the hard to reach places like ears and feet. Make sure you get to these crevices first, because it will be much easier. Then you can concentrate on the larger areas, like the tummy!


    • Make sure you use the right amount of stuffing for your animal. If you don’t, then it can come out looking either too full or could come out misshaped. If you’re not sure, put in smaller amounts of stuffing at a time, and it will be easier to judge just how much more your future friend will need!


    • If you have concerns that the stuffing may look a little lumpy, tear it apart before putting it into your stuffable animal. This will make it smoother and easier to maneuver.


    • Once you have stuffed your animal, play around with it a bit to make sure the stuffing is even throughout the toy. Most of us love massages, so why wouldn’t they?


Have you discovered any tricks to stuffing your stuffable animals? Share them in the comments below!

If you still have some questions, feel free to contact The Zoo Factory today!

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A ‘Teddy Clinic’ Helps to Ease Children’s Fears of Hospital

teddy bear

We found an article from ABC News that we just had to share, it was too cute.

A group of German medical students have helped find a way to ease the fear of young children about being in a hospital- through the use of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. They hosted an event where they could help cure, test, and do surgery on stuffed animals (with imaginary illnesses, of course).

It is said that about 90% of children have fears and anxieties about hospitals and doctors. The students used a mix of real and fake instruments to help diagnose and treat the critters, including the use of x-rays and CT scans.

Some even had make-believe consultations and prescriptions given to them! One stuffed dragon needed to have an operation done, which gave his owner the chance to learn about sterility. So not only were the children involved in the process, they got to learn about what goes on in doctors rooms to make it all seem less scary.

Seeing that their favorite stuffed animals turned out ok, and stepping into the roles of doctors themselves helped them see the importance of the doctor’s jobs and see that it isn’t really all that scary. When you take a look at the original article (link at the bottom of the post) you will see that the children were even dressed up in scrubs and hair nets to get the full effect.

However, we are pleased to say that occasionally all that was needed to get the job done was a simple Band-Aid.

Stuffed animals have always been known to bring comfort in times of need, but it is simply heartwarming to see their affect at work like this.

Tell me, when have stuffed animals come to the rescue for you?

Check out the article from ABC News here.

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What You Want to Be When You Grow Up

Children are known for having their great imaginations and playing pretend. Adults would always ask, what do you want to be when you’re older? What do you want to do when you grow up?

Here are some of the most popular answers:



Astronaut: many kids of going into space. There is nothing cooler to kids than rocket ships, aliens, and stars. Children are meant to explore and see what’s out there!




Dancers: girls especially will dream of being dancers and showing their moves on stage- whether that’s through ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, or other styles.





Athletes: Who wouldn’t like to have a job doing something they already like to do? Playing sports is one dream of many children and is a goal to reach for that is actually fun!





Vets: The best way to spend the day is with animals, right? Many children want to help animals that are hurt and make the world a better place for their furry friends.




Pilot: How cool would it be to be able to fly a plane?! Everyone would look like ants from up there! But seriously, kids love the idea of being able to fly and go somewhere new and exciting.





Doctor: Some kids have big hearts and want to make others feel better and possibly even give them surgery. We won’t tell them about the medical school they have to go through first.





Military: From a young age, children might get the urge to serve their country and fight for freedom.




No matter what they decide they want to be, as parents and family the best thing that we can do for them is encourage them to live their dreams and work toward their goal. Giving them a stuffable animal with a special outfit is a great way to do just that.

Check out the site to learn more!

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Zoo Factory Necklaces: Keep Your Favorite Animal With You!

the zoo factory

Growing up, we all had that that one animal that we loved and adored. We wished that we could take them around with us everywhere we went. Well, with these special necklaces, now you can!

Our necklaces are not only a great value, they are super stylish too. In a variety of animals, these would be great as a gift. There are necklaces with all sorts of animals on them, so no matter what the preference, there is something here for everyone.

Girls love to accessorize and dress up. Why not give them the opportunity to do so with something that they love? This is a great opportunity to have them show off their individuality.

the zoo factory

Another great perk is that they come in adorable carrying cases. Many times, they look just like the object on the necklace! You can never be too coordinated, right? It’s like getting a gift within a gift.
And, for some of us who have a sweet tooth, there are also cupcake necklaces with matching bejeweled cases. They look so good you want to eat them! (Although, for safety reasons, we suggest you don’t actually do this.) Our necklaces are safe for young children and do not have any harmful lead or chemicals.

So for birthdays, holidays, graduation, and any other gift giving holiday that hasn’t been mentioned, consider giving that special girl the gift of these cute necklaces that are easily affordable.  She will be glad you did!