How to Stuff the Zoo Factory’s Stuffable Animals

The Zoo Factory’s video below is to better instruct our beloved customers on how to stuff their stuffable animals that they purchase from us. Although our stuffable animal kits come with stuffing instructions, our videos do a great job of showing how to bring your animal to life.

Our instructional and informational videos below will help you better understand how to stuff your stuffable animals, making the process as simple and seamless as possible.


Plan a Zoo Factory Birthday Party

If you want to plan a birthday party centered around The Zoo Factory’s stuffable animals, take a look at our videos below for some creative ideas on how to get started. Both videos provide a variety of tips on how to center your next party, birthday or otherwise, around stuffing your stuffable animal from The Zoo Factory. From a “Stuff Your Own Animal Party” to a “Zoo Factory Birthday Party,” these videos provide ideas on how to throw a unique and unforgettable party.