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Ideas For Dressing Up Your Stuffed Animals For Halloween

Ideas For Dressing Up Your Stuffed Animals For HalloweenWith Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to get everyone’s costumes ready; including your stuffed animals. Here at the Zoo Factory, we have everything you will need to make this Halloween super special. We have a large selection of outfits for your children to dress their stuffed friends in, so they can match.

While we do have an adorable pumpkin costume, your choices don’t end there.


With the growing popularity of the Marvel and DC comics, superheroes are a great choice for your stuffed animal or doll. Spider bear or super bear would be a great sidekick for your little superheroes.

Knights & Princesses

Princesses are always a popular choice for costumes. Consider dressing your stuffed friend as a princess as well or a medieval knight. Fairies and witches would be a good match as well.


Have a doctor or fireman going out trick or treating? We have the perfect companion outfits. We have doctor and nurse’s scrubs, astronaut suits and a pilot outfit, with the accompanying goggles. There is also a variety of military uniforms as well.

Sports Uniforms

Basketball, baseball, hockey soccer, karate and more, your sports star will find the perfect costume for their stuffed animal.

Don’t forget to check out our pajamas section. After coming home from a long night of trick or treating, everyone (Teddy included) will want to put their pajamas on and relax.

If you’re looking for the perfect stuffed animals, we can help with over 200 options. At The Zoo Factory, you’ll find everything you need for your stuffed friends and dolls. Contact us today!

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Outfits: The Ultimate Accessory for Playtime

denim shortsWhen people think of the month of October, one of the things they also think of is Halloween. Of course, this will make us think of candy, but this is also a great time to dress up!

Everyone loves getting to pretend that they are someone else. Whether the costume is a pirate, or an animal, or a superhero, or even a fairy princess, Halloween is a time to play pretend and have loads of fun. But you know who else really loves to dress up? Your stuffable animals!

And this isn’t just during the month of October. The Zoo Factory has outfits that fit both the larger and smaller stuffed animals, and they work for any occasion!

For those casual days when it’s time to down with some playtime fun, we have options like denim shorts, plain colored T-shirts, frilly dressand even some pajamas too! These articles of clothing will allow your best friend to feel comfortable while playing with you!

And for those days where they need to look a little spiffier, we have dressier options as well! From frilly dresses to sequined shirts to tutus, we have everything that you and your stuffable animal could ever need for a fun night out on the town.

October as we mentioned before is a great time to dress up, there are just so many possibilities! Just like you, your stuffable animals have a personality all their own, and wouldn’t it be nice to have outfits that expressed that for them as well?