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Valentine’s Day Gifts Every Daughter will Love

A holiday usually celebrated by couples, Valentine’s Day is also a wonderful opportunity to remind your daughter just how much you love her. You daughter will love spending the day with you and whether you decide to bake pink cupcakes together or let your child introduce you to her current favorite movie, there are so many ways to make this holiday a special one for your entire family. And with Valentine’s Day landing on a Sunday this year, you will have plenty of time to spend with your daughter during the day while still being able to enjoy a night out with your spouse.

Looking for a gift your daughter will love? The Zoo Factory has some sweet ideas for her and her favorite stuffed friends:


cupcake necklace


The perfect daddy-daughter Valentine’s Day gift, surprise your daughter with an adorable necklace this year. From bumble bees to cupcakes and ladybugs, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, each in a unique box that compliments the jewelry inside. Whether you choose her favorite animal or a cupcake in her favorite color, your daughter will love wearing this Valentine’s Day gift from you.

“Little Secrets” Heart

little secrets stuffed animal hearts

Whether paired with a new stuffed animal or for your daughter’s favorite stuffed pal to hold, this 16 inch heart is available in purple, pink and red. Each color has a different Valentine’s Day themed message embroidered on it and a secret compartment perfect for storing a Valentine inside.

A New Dress

red and silver dress for stuffed animals

Planning a fancy brunch or an afternoon tea party with your daughter this Valentine’s Day? Come prepared with a new dress for her teddy bear. Some of our favorite outfits for the holiday include the red dress with silver hearts, the black dress with pink hearts and the pink satin tutu!

There are so many great ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your daughter, so why not start a new tradition with her this year? With the holiday less than a month away, place your gift order soon to make sure it arrives in time.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Zoo Factory!

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Zoo Factory Necklaces: Keep Your Favorite Animal With You!

the zoo factory

Growing up, we all had that that one animal that we loved and adored. We wished that we could take them around with us everywhere we went. Well, with these special necklaces, now you can!

Our necklaces are not only a great value, they are super stylish too. In a variety of animals, these would be great as a gift. There are necklaces with all sorts of animals on them, so no matter what the preference, there is something here for everyone.

Girls love to accessorize and dress up. Why not give them the opportunity to do so with something that they love? This is a great opportunity to have them show off their individuality.

the zoo factory

Another great perk is that they come in adorable carrying cases. Many times, they look just like the object on the necklace! You can never be too coordinated, right? It’s like getting a gift within a gift.
And, for some of us who have a sweet tooth, there are also cupcake necklaces with matching bejeweled cases. They look so good you want to eat them! (Although, for safety reasons, we suggest you don’t actually do this.) Our necklaces are safe for young children and do not have any harmful lead or chemicals.

So for birthdays, holidays, graduation, and any other gift giving holiday that hasn’t been mentioned, consider giving that special girl the gift of these cute necklaces that are easily affordable.  She will be glad you did!