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How Playtime Can Ease Anxiety in Our Children

How Playtime Can Ease Anxiety in Our Children

We are living in stressful times, and our children are well aware of this. As parents, we want to make sure that our children understand what is happening in the world, but aren’t so consumed by it that they become overly anxious or depressed. Recent research, however, has proven that playtime can be extremely effective in relieving anxiety in children.  

So, if your child is overly anxious, here’s how you can use playtime to calm them down: 

Make ‘em laugh 

As the great Donald O’Connor used to say: “Make ‘em laugh!” Laughter truly is the best medicine as it can release stress hormones and boost your mood. Whether it’s a funny movie or a game that the two of you play, do something during the day that will get your child laughing. 

Let them win every now and then 

There is a lot of debate on whether or not we should let our children win. While understanding the value of defeat is important for kids, letting them win a few times can help boost their self-confidence and their mood. Just don’t make this become a regular thing, as it could lead to ego problems later on. 

Special time 

“Special time” is a part of the day, usually lasting 10-15 minutes, where you let your child do whatever they want (within reason of course). This could include watching TV, eating a snack, or doing pretend play. Performed regularly, special time can offer a safe space for your kids where they can freely express themselves. 

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