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Three Famous Teddy Bears in the Media

Cute teddy bear with copy space on blue color wood background.

Teddy bears bring magic and joy to a child’s life. That is why they’re so timeless and priceless. The arts have used teddy bears to help convey childhood, happiness, and positivity in movies, TV shows, and books. That’s why there are several famous teddy bears that come from some of our favorite books and shows. Here are just some of the many famous teddy bears you’ll find in the media:


Labyrinth 1986, staring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, told the story of a young girl venturing into womanhood. In the beginning of the movie, Sarah (Jennifer) has childish toys, and she believes in fantasy and magic, giving into a childish need to escape. She was infuriated with her baby brother Toby, who stole Lancelot, her favorite teddy bear. So, she unreasonably freaked out and wished him away. The bear symbolizes her immaturity, while the journey to return home represents a journey into adulthood. Subsequently, she learns to let go of the bear and learn her mistake. By the end, she relinquishes her bear to Toby, because she realizes she no longer needs it.


Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Bear made his first appearance in 1926, in a collection of stories by A.A.  Milne. Eventually, Disney adopted the series, adding new characters and turning it into a phenomenon. Stuffed animals in the style of E.H. Shepard’s version of Pooh have become popular over the years. Winnie the Pooh sends a strong message of love and family, as all of the characters, including Christopher Robin, are important to the author in real life.



Corduroy Bear is the story of a stuffed teddy bear in a department store. After closing time, he’d search to find his button, and find a home. A little girl purchased Corduroy and repaired his button. Eventually he learned that with the little girl, he had a home, and a true friend.

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