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How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer

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School’s out and summer’s here! But now that that your kids are no longer spending their days at school, they’ll need something else to occupy them. Here, we list some ideas to help get your kids out of their bedrooms and up and moving throughout the day.

Go on a family day trip

A family day trip is the perfect opportunity to get away for a bit and have fun as a whole family. It’s especially good for families who may not have time for a full vacation. Not sure where to spend your family day trip? Then read our blog containing family day trip ideas.

Plan friend group activities

Since they’re no longer seeing their friends every day at school, you may want to plan a few group activities for your child and their friends. Coordinate schedules with the other parents to see which days during the summer months are best for everyone. You can do this as a one-off activity or make it a regular thing during the summer.

Participate in summer sports

Does your child love baseball, softball, or another outdoor sport? Then summer is the perfect time for them to give it a try! Many little league seasons extend into the summer months. Plus, if your child wants to learn tennis or soccer, many local organizations hold summer lessons.

Try new hobbies

In addition to sports, your child can also try out new hobbies. They’ll have plenty of time to experiment with different ones and take various lessons during the day. Plus, once they’ve found one to their liking, it will be something they can enjoy for their entire life.

As your child is trying new things this summer, make sure a lovable stuffed animal is by their side! Take a look at our online shop to find the perfect summer-time companion for your child.

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