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Stuffed animal drives for Superstorm Sandy victims held nationwide

Sometimes all it takes is a stuffable animal to feel better.

Stuffed animal EagleNationwide, people have been showing their support for those affected the most by Superstorm Sandy by holding stuffed animal drives.

In Kansas City, a four-year old girl told her parents she wanted to help the children who were affected after hearing tales of children her age losing stuffed animals forever. Little Katherine Schell helped spearhead a drive that accumulated 1,800 stuffed animals, called “Project Daisy” after her favorite stuffed animals. Her and her parents flew to Stanton Island to deliver the load to happy children.

In New Bern, NC, on the coast of North Carolina, a second-grader also helped lead a drive for stuffed animal drive for those in need in the New Jersey and New York area. Jordyn Goodwin told ABC affiliate WCTI that she wanted to start the drive because she knew they would need the stuffed animals the most. “They can feel safe with their stuffed animal like I feel every night,” Goodwin said. “All of my stuffed animals are my best friends.”

Pink bear stuffed animalOther stuffed animal drives in the news have been found in Iowa, Eastern Arizona and other parts of the country.

It was just released that damage in New York by Superstrom Sandy reached a staggering $32 billion dollars.

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  1. too cute! reminds me of when we got zeus he kept cynirg so my daughter gave him a stuffed bunny. he kept and slept with that bunny for years!! there were many times i had to stitch it up and wash it.Jeanne s last [type] ..

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