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Custom Sound Chips in Stuffed Animals Can Promote Health & Development!


Record Your Baby's Heartbeat with Sound Chip For Stuffed AnimalsCalm, relaxing noises that emanate the womb have consistently proven to be beneficial to babies in a myriad of ways. Womb sounds, coupled with a mother’s loving voice, can dramatically influence the development and well-being of a child.

Amir Lanav, a neuroscientist, was more than a little worried and curious after the premature birth of his twins. Intrigued, Lanav wondered if his wife’s voice could help improve his children’s health and spirits. With his home computer, Lanav recorded his wife telling the babies to stay strong.

This theory proved to have a decent effect on the babies’ health, so the hospital queried Lanav about his ideas and together they set up more tests. A series of studies with premature babies and older infants showed that babies who listen to their mom’s voices get better sleep and feel less anxiety, promoting a better immune system.

Speaking, reading, and singing also played a major role in how the baby improved over time. The more soft and emotional the voice is the better; naturally, singing proved to be the most effective.

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pre recorded sound chips for stuffed animals for saleA stuffed animal in itself is a thoughtful, timeless gift, perfect for any new or expecting mother. Record a comforting, maternal message and place it inside of the companion. When the child heads to bed and snuggles against this toy, he or she will be welcomed by familiar sounds in a scary, unfamiliar word. These precious gifts are not only adorable, but also they could play a huge role in improving your child’s mood, development, behavior, and health.


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