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How to Get Your Kids Interested in Art

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Art

Art is a great way to teach your kids creativity and fine motor skills. Plus, art can come in so many different forms. From drawing to painting to Papier-mâché, your kid can try their hand at any art form that takes their fancy. But how exactly do you get them interested in art in the first place? Here are a few ways to start:

Let them do what feels right

For kids to truly enjoy themselves, they need to do what they feel is right. For instance, don’t force them to paint if they don’t like painting. Instead, let them explore the different types of art forms and do what feels right for them.

Take them to a museum

Art museums are a great way to introduce your kids to art. We don’t recommend dragging them through every exhibit, ignoring their pleas to go home. Rather, let them wander and explore the museum on their own accord (while being supervised, of course). That way, they can see artwork they’ll truly enjoy rather than what you think they’ll enjoy.

Join in

Art doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. It can also be an opportunity for some bonding time. Kids love spending time with their parents and caregivers, and making artwork together will leave a lasting impression. If you’re not an artist yourself, don’t worry. Your own work will show them that it’s ok if their artwork isn’t perfect.

Encourage a project that coincides with their interests

Does your kid love the Avengers? Or maybe they’re a fan of Mario? Whatever their interests, try to find some way that those interests can coincide with their art. For example, you can give them an Avengers coloring book, or you can encourage them to draw their favorite characters or stuffed animals.

Here at The Zoo Factory, we want to encourage every child to flex those artistic muscles. For more parenting tips, read through our blog today!

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How Parents (And Kids) Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day During COVID-19

How Parents (And Kids) Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day During COVID-19

Like every holiday since the COVID-19 Pandemic, Valentine’s Day looks a little different this year. Instead of dropping the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa’s and having a romantic evening out with your spouse, you’re now stuck at home with the kids in tow.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great evening. Here we discuss a few ways parents (and kids) can celebrate Valentine’s Day during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Plan a family activity

We understand the desire to get some time away from the kids, but it really is important to include them in some of the festivities. Unable to celebrate it at school with their peers, your kids may feel left out. Instead, plan one or two family activities for the day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a chocolate dessert together for dinner
  • Create Valentine’s Day cards to send out to friends and family
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Play Valentine’s Day-based, pretend play games with their toys and stuffed animals

But plan some alone time too

After almost a year shut up in the house with the kids, the urge for some alone time with your spouse is real. We get it. So, if you can, try to carve out some time to spend with just your spouse. This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, giving you ample time throughout the day (or at least, more than usual). We recommend doing those family activities mentioned above during the day. Then, once the kids have gone up for bed, cuddle up with your spouse on the couch, turn on a movie, and relish in some peace and quiet.

Whether it’s for your kids or your spouse, teddy bears are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Check out our collection here at The Zoo Factory to get started!

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How to Make Learning Fun at Home

How to Make Learning Fun at Home

We don’t have to sit our kids in front of a blackboard all day, every day, to make them learn something. Learning can be fun, both in the classroom and out. To further encourage our children’s love of learning, try some of these tips to make learning fun at home:

Encourage their interests

We mostly associate learning with books or the classroom, but children can learn from almost anything they do. Sports can teach them cooperation and coordination, while art can encourage creativity and fine motor skills. If your child expresses a special interest in something, then invest in that interest. You never know what lessons they might pick up.

Play games

Playtime may seem like silly games, but they actually have concrete benefits. Pretend play, for instance, can enhance critical thinking skills, social skills, and language skills. Even video games (something many parents complain about) can have an impact, improving coordination, memory, problem-solving skills, and more.

Put on some tunes

When you were taught the ABCs, did you also learn the song? If so, there was a reason for it. Music has plenty of cognitive and emotional benefits, and those benefits are ten-fold if a child learns an instrument. Put another way, you learned the ABC song because the music would help you memorize the actual ABCs.

Turn on the TV

We don’t want our kids spending all day in front of the television, but TV shows and movies can be educational. Even if they’re not specifically an educational show, kids can still glean some information from their favorite show or movie.

Are you looking for the perfect stuffed animal for your child to play with? Then look through our website today to get started!

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How to Encourage Your Child to Wear a Mask

How to Encourage Your Child to Wear a Mask

As adults, we understand how important it is to wear a mask. Our kids, however, might need more convincing. If you’re struggling to get your child to wear their mask, then read over these helpful tips:

Explain why they need to wear one

Simply telling your child to wear a mask isn’t enough. You need to explain why they should wear one first. As you’re doing so, it’s important that you don’t scare your child. Instead, focus on the positives of wearing a mask, such as how they can help protect ourselves or family members.

Get the right mask

Even if a child understands the importance of wearing a mask, they may not wear one if they don’t like the mask they have. To further encourage them, get a mask that’s comfortable and easy for them to wear. Additionally, consider getting one that is stylish, or has their favorite color, sports team, or character on it.

Be a role model

Children do what their parents do; they also don’t do what their parents don’t do. If you’re not wearing your mask, then don’t expect your child to wear theirs. Be a good role model by always wearing your mask whenever appropriate.

Give masks to their toys or stuffed animals

You can be a role model to your kids, but so can their toys or stuffed animals. Having their favorite stuffed animal wearing a mask will further encourage your child to wear their own mask. Plus, getting a mask for their stuffed animals is easier than you think. The Zoo Factory carries face masks that fit our stuffable animals, as well as other stuffed animals your child may already have.

Read through our blog for more tips on how to protect your kids during the coronavirus pandemic.