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How to Make Learning Fun at Home

How to Make Learning Fun at Home

We don’t have to sit our kids in front of a blackboard all day, every day, to make them learn something. Learning can be fun, both in the classroom and out. To further encourage our children’s love of learning, try some of these tips to make learning fun at home:

Encourage their interests

We mostly associate learning with books or the classroom, but children can learn from almost anything they do. Sports can teach them cooperation and coordination, while art can encourage creativity and fine motor skills. If your child expresses a special interest in something, then invest in that interest. You never know what lessons they might pick up.

Play games

Playtime may seem like silly games, but they actually have concrete benefits. Pretend play, for instance, can enhance critical thinking skills, social skills, and language skills. Even video games (something many parents complain about) can have an impact, improving coordination, memory, problem-solving skills, and more.

Put on some tunes

When you were taught the ABCs, did you also learn the song? If so, there was a reason for it. Music has plenty of cognitive and emotional benefits, and those benefits are ten-fold if a child learns an instrument. Put another way, you learned the ABC song because the music would help you memorize the actual ABCs.

Turn on the TV

We don’t want our kids spending all day in front of the television, but TV shows and movies can be educational. Even if they’re not specifically an educational show, kids can still glean some information from their favorite show or movie.

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