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How to Encourage Your Child to Wear a Mask

How to Encourage Your Child to Wear a Mask

As adults, we understand how important it is to wear a mask. Our kids, however, might need more convincing. If you’re struggling to get your child to wear their mask, then read over these helpful tips:

Explain why they need to wear one

Simply telling your child to wear a mask isn’t enough. You need to explain why they should wear one first. As you’re doing so, it’s important that you don’t scare your child. Instead, focus on the positives of wearing a mask, such as how they can help protect ourselves or family members.

Get the right mask

Even if a child understands the importance of wearing a mask, they may not wear one if they don’t like the mask they have. To further encourage them, get a mask that’s comfortable and easy for them to wear. Additionally, consider getting one that is stylish, or has their favorite color, sports team, or character on it.

Be a role model

Children do what their parents do; they also don’t do what their parents don’t do. If you’re not wearing your mask, then don’t expect your child to wear theirs. Be a good role model by always wearing your mask whenever appropriate.

Give masks to their toys or stuffed animals

You can be a role model to your kids, but so can their toys or stuffed animals. Having their favorite stuffed animal wearing a mask will further encourage your child to wear their own mask. Plus, getting a mask for their stuffed animals is easier than you think. The Zoo Factory carries face masks that fit our stuffable animals, as well as other stuffed animals your child may already have.

Read through our blog for more tips on how to protect your kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

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