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Why Do Kids Love Stuffed Animals?

teddy bearStuffed animals have been a classic children’s toy for decades, but why? What makes them so special? Even in this technological age, stuffed animals haven’t lost their appeal to children. Read on to discover some of the reasons why this is.

They come in all different sizes and colors, which make them extremely versatile. They can be in the style of different animals, including whichever is the person’s favorite.

One great reason is that they can encourage a nurturing attitude. Many times you see kids playing house, or school, or acting out their favorite scenes from movies. They do this because they are pretending to be adults! Having a stuffed animal allows them to take care of them. In their eyes, they make the best student, child, or playmate in their eyes. They can take care of them when they are sick and they get to try their hand at responsibilities. This stage of play is crucial to their social and mental development, so encourage them to put them down for a nap!

Stuffed animals are always smiling, which means they are always a source of positive interaction. From a young age, we are taught to associate smiling with positive feelings. Stuffed animals always have a smile on their face, which means they are always available for when they are having a bad day. Even if someone else is disappointed in them, teddy won’t be!

Ever noticed how great stuffed animals are at giving hugs? Squishy hugs are the best at making a day better. Stuffed animals don’t need to breathe either, so they can get a bear hug for a long time! The softness and warmth of a stuffed animal just can’t be beat.

In addition to all of this, they are very easy to clean. When a child has a messy room, stuffed animals are very easy to pick up and put in their designated spot. They quickly find that they can see the floor again, and when their favorite stuffed animals have messy fur, they are easy to clean as well. More often than not, they can have a spa day in the washing machine and come out looking better than ever.

Children will create a special bond with their toys, so it’s important to get one that lasts. Stuffed animals tend to outlive electronic toys, or anything that comes in one hundred pieces that tend to get lost over time. Stuffed animals can be sewn if they rip, whereas plastic toys are harder to put back together. Stuffed animals can last for years without much fuss.

The benefits don’t stop there! It’s been shown time and time again that having a stuffed animal can cause toddlers to start becoming more independent. When your toddler has a task or skill to perform, encourage them to show teddy how it should be done. Having someone to teach will strengthen their confidence and their ability to do tasks on their own.


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Outfits: The Ultimate Accessory for Playtime

denim shortsWhen people think of the month of October, one of the things they also think of is Halloween. Of course, this will make us think of candy, but this is also a great time to dress up!

Everyone loves getting to pretend that they are someone else. Whether the costume is a pirate, or an animal, or a superhero, or even a fairy princess, Halloween is a time to play pretend and have loads of fun. But you know who else really loves to dress up? Your stuffable animals!

And this isn’t just during the month of October. The Zoo Factory has outfits that fit both the larger and smaller stuffed animals, and they work for any occasion!

For those casual days when it’s time to down with some playtime fun, we have options like denim shorts, plain colored T-shirts, frilly dressand even some pajamas too! These articles of clothing will allow your best friend to feel comfortable while playing with you!

And for those days where they need to look a little spiffier, we have dressier options as well! From frilly dresses to sequined shirts to tutus, we have everything that you and your stuffable animal could ever need for a fun night out on the town.

October as we mentioned before is a great time to dress up, there are just so many possibilities! Just like you, your stuffable animals have a personality all their own, and wouldn’t it be nice to have outfits that expressed that for them as well?