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Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Whether it’s their first birthday or they’re turning the big 1-0, your kid’s birthday party will be something they always look forward to. You don’t want to disappoint, but you’re also not sure where to start. It can be a lot of pressure, that’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite birthday party ideas to get you on the right track.

Obstacle Course Party

If it’s warm out and you’ve got a big backyard, then why not take advantage of it? An obstacle course party involves you filling your backyard with (you guessed it) obstacle courses for your child and their friends to challenge. Put the kids into teams or have them compete one-on-one to see who can complete it the fastest.

Dance Party

If it’s too cold for an obstacle course party (or too much work) then you can go for something simple like a dance party. Clear out one of your larger rooms and then get a playlist together. To add to the excitement, play some games where kids freeze when the music stops, or they have to keep balloons in the air while the music plays.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’d like the feel of an obstacle course party but don’t want your party outside, then opt for a scavenger hunt! Hide items around your house, or even around a public place like a mall (just make sure the kids behave themselves). You can have the kids keep what they find, or you can have a special challenge for the birthday boy or girl where they have to find one of their gifts on their own.

Carnival Party

Everyone loves the carnival, so why not have one in your own backyard? With balloons, games, and plenty of food, it’ll feel just like the real thing. You can have typical carnival games like balloon pop or gone fishing, or you can get original by incorporating some of the ideas found above.

Once you have the theme of your party settled, it’s time to get the presents. As you’re deciding on the right present for your child, consider getting them a stuffable animal from The Zoo Factory. Look through our inventory or contact us today to get started!

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Tips For Throwing A Successful Stuffed Animal Party

Kids at a Birthday Party

As your little one is approaching their next birthday, you want to start thinking of a theme and a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. A stuffed animal party would be a wonderful option to choose this year. At The Zoo Factory you can throw a party with 8 inch, 16 inch or themed stuffed animals. As you prepare for your child’s next birthday, we have a few tips for throwing the party of the year!

 Have More Than Enough Stuffed Animals For Everyone

If a child rsvp’s that they cannot come and shows up randomly at your door, you want to make sure that they can be included in the day’s activities. Accidents can always happen, especially with young children around. We recommend having a couple extra animals on hand, just in case there is any sort of mishap!

 Have a Variety of Stuffed Animals to Choose From

When it comes to choosing stuffed animals, having a variety of options on hand is always best! Every child is different, so give them a chance to show off their individuality with plenty of different stuffed animal options to choose from. Remember, all girls don’t like ponies and all boys don’t love frogs. Have some different options for the kids to choose from so no one goes home disappointed.

Have Fun!

There is a lot that goes into planning a great birthday party, but the most important thing to remember is to have fun! This is an exciting and special day for your child, one that will stand out in their memory for years to come. Relax and enjoy yourself and the smiles on all of the kids’ faces as they celebrate your little one’s big day.

Start planning your stuffed animal party with The Zoo Factory today! View our party packages online and search our site for animals that your kids will love.