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Stuffed animal sleepover in Chicago

The River Forest Public Library is hosting a slumber partyUnique Stuffed Animal. Not for children, though, but for their little stuffed animal friends.

Starting at 6 p.m. next Friday, children will bring their little stuffable animals to the library and listen to a few bedtime stories before leaving their friends for the night. What will the stuffed animals do? Well have a party of course!

The announcement in the Riverforest Sun Times said the animals will be occupied by hearing more bedtime stories, playing dress up, dancing and playing games. It’s a chance for the stuffed animals to let loose and tell stories with their other stuffed animal friends.

“It is fun to be in the library after hours,” Susan Quinn, head of Children’s Services, told the newspaper. “It will be perfectly acceptable for the animals to get a little louder in the library at night because they will be the only ones there besides our staff and the Teen Volunteer Team.”

Stuffed Animal PandaWhen the children come to pick up their favorite stuffed animal friends, they will be greeted with a light breakfast and a slide show to see all the fun they had over night the announcement said.

It’s a unique way to see how your children react to a night without their stuffed animals, and a fun way to keep the children involved with their local library. I’m curious to see the fun the stuffed animals next week!

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