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Libraries Use Stuffed Animals to Encourage Young Readers

Teddy Bear Reading

At The Zoo Factory, we love to see the different ways parents and children appreciate stuffed animals in their lives. That’s why we were thrilled to read about the Somerville Public Library’s “stuffed animal sleepover” event that took place in late July. It incorporated two of our favorite things: our best fluffy friends, and the joy of reading.

If you hadn’t yet heard, a library outside of Boston, MA, hosted a “stuffed animal sleepover” bringing books and stuffed animals together.

What that meant was young readers were invited to drop off their stuffed animal at the library for a sleepover and could pick them up the next day. In the meantime, the librarians spent the evening arranging the stuffed animals in different settings, so it makes it look as if they’re watching a movie or playing toys with each other. The photos were then shown to the stuffed animals’ rightful owners.

The event was promoted to get children more involved in their local libraries. Time and time again, libraries are shown to be incredible sources of knowledge and fun for children, at virtually no cost to the parents. There, they can explore new worlds through books and literature, understand current affairs by examining the newspapers and magazines that are available, and take part in workshops made available to them.

This comes at a time when people are debating what libraries mean in 2018—and if the “stuffed animal sleepover” is any indication, the answer is: fun!

At The Zoo Factory, we are so delighted to see institutions like the local library use stuffed animals in an educative, appealing manner. It’s no surprise that the event drew widespread attention both on and offline. We offer our customers an extensive selection of figures and toys that would be perfect sleepover companions. Contact us today to learn more!

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Great Ideas for a “Stuff-Your-Own Animal” Birthday Party

Stuff-Your-Own Animal Parties

stuff animal birthday party ideas for kids stuffable animalsAll kids love being creative and personalizing their items, their living space, and even their clothes. To present them with a new toy, that they can create to be their own, is to give “”.

This is a great party idea for a few other reasons too. Specifically, the kids stay busy. Not to mention, “Stuff-your-own animal” parties are easy to clean up after, and they create a memorable experience for your child and his or her friends.

First, look over our collection of stuffed animals; choose a wide array to give kids a selection. Alternatively, you could choose to go with the same animal, if you want to eliminate the possibility of an argument. When getting the supplies, be sure to grab a few extra in case of mistakes.

Set up stuffing stations for the party, and include anything extra you deem fun. For example, since kids are making their own outfits for these animals, you can include things like rhinestones, sequins, and fabric paint to let them create custom fashions on their new friends.

Work on the animals in the beginning of the party, because then you can create even more fun afterwards. One of the best ideas is to create a manhunt. The guest of honor, or the birthday child, hides his or her animal, and the guests must follow clues to find where it is hidden. This creates exciting, educational fun. The person who finds the animal wins a prize. You can give away a cool accessory as a great gift for the winner.

A great idea for snacks is to bake cookies and decorate them like the various animals you’ve stocked up. If you don’t have a hand for decorating, you can find some here.

Create a pre-determined location to place the animals during cake and ice-cream time, to keep the animals clean. Finalize the party with a fairytale about the animals, highlighting each child’s creation with a role in the story.

We promise, you’ll win parent-of-the-year award!


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Stuff-your-own plush animal parties are great for kids

What kid doesn’t want to be surrounded by friends, family and a few stuffed animal kits waiting to be stuffed at a party? We know that sounds really fun and that’s why the Zoo Factory offers party kits for birthdays and other social kid-friendly events!

Each kit comes with either an 8-inch or 15-inch unstuffed animal, as well as a wishing star, a birth certificate for the newly created stuffed animal and a T-shirt. Stuffing is sold separately so you can buy as much, or as little as needed.

When you have a do-it-yourself stuffed animal party, guests will be thrilled to make their own gifts and leave with something they created. It’s a real confidence booster for children because they know that the stuffed animal was something that they made. From choosing the animal, to stuffing, decorating and costuming, kids like the idea of being in charge of every step. And because there is no sewing involved, creating your own plush animal or doll has never been easier!

Children who make their own have a sense of pride in their work. The animal becomes more than just stuffing when it’s filled with love and care! That’s the beauty of stuffing your own; the bond can last forever!

So, if your child loves stuffed animals, consider hosting a stuff-you-own themed party and invite lots of friends to participate in the fun. And pick up some party extras such as stuffing, crayons and fabric paints to decorate the T-shirt and costumes.

Encourage your guests to visit our website to learn about all the different ways to accessorize a stuffable animal or plush doll. From sunglasses and shoes, to shirts, dresses and pants, the possibilities are endless. And of course, visitors to the site will also find neat accessories like play blankets, tents and toys. The sky is the limit when you choose a Zoo Factory stuffable animal or plush doll!

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Stuffed animal sleepover in Chicago

The River Forest Public Library is hosting a slumber partyUnique Stuffed Animal. Not for children, though, but for their little stuffed animal friends.

Starting at 6 p.m. next Friday, children will bring their little stuffable animals to the library and listen to a few bedtime stories before leaving their friends for the night. What will the stuffed animals do? Well have a party of course!

The announcement in the Riverforest Sun Times said the animals will be occupied by hearing more bedtime stories, playing dress up, dancing and playing games. It’s a chance for the stuffed animals to let loose and tell stories with their other stuffed animal friends.

“It is fun to be in the library after hours,” Susan Quinn, head of Children’s Services, told the newspaper. “It will be perfectly acceptable for the animals to get a little louder in the library at night because they will be the only ones there besides our staff and the Teen Volunteer Team.”

Stuffed Animal PandaWhen the children come to pick up their favorite stuffed animal friends, they will be greeted with a light breakfast and a slide show to see all the fun they had over night the announcement said.

It’s a unique way to see how your children react to a night without their stuffed animals, and a fun way to keep the children involved with their local library. I’m curious to see the fun the stuffed animals next week!