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Reasons to Play with Stuffed Animals

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When you think back to your childhood, there is probably a certain toy – a doll or stuffed animal – that you carried with you constantly. Your first companion and friend, this toy taught you many life lessons, just through play. Nowadays, there are so many electronics for parents to purchase for their kids, that sometimes we forget how much can be learned through the simple role playing activities and imaginative scenarios children act out with their stuffed animals and dolls.

Here are a few of the most important reasons that playing with stuffed animals can benefit your young child:


Watch any toddler or preschooler play with their stuffed animals and you will see just how many words and phrases they know. A stuffed animal friend and the adventures that your child takes with them can lead to lots of elaborate and interesting conversations – which will help your child to practice their vocabulary and increase their confidence when speaking aloud to adults and other children.


Playing with and acting out scenarios with a stuffed animal allow toddlers and preschoolers to test out and express their emotions. Even if they do not yet have the words to explain them, Role-playing with dolls and stuffed friends provide young children an outlet to work through their frustrations in a safe and positive manner.


Getting along with others is an important part of forming friendships and relationships, and playing with stuffed animals is a child’s first opportunity to learn how to share and communicate with a friend. Join your child in playing with their stuffed animals, introducing positive conversations and sharing techniques to help teach them how to get along with the friends they will meet at school.

Here at The Zoo Factory, we have a wide selection of stuffed animals and outfits that your children will love exploring their creativity with. Whether your child’s best friend is a dragon in pajamas or a turtle in a soccer uniform, their friendship will be one your child remembers for years to come.

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  1. It’s great to learn that you can gain friendships by playing with stuffed animals. My brother is wanting to raise his kids right. I’ll tell him to get them stuffed animals or dolls.

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