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How to Support Your Kids During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus has completely upended our lives, causing stress and anxiety for everyone, no matter their age. As parents, however, you have the extra responsibility of not only keeping your anxiety in check, but also the anxiety of your children as well. You don’t want them to worry, but you also want them to take things seriously. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, then here a few ways you can support your kids during the COVID-19 outbreak: 

Talk to them honestly 

If you keep your kids in the dark, they’ll only grow more anxious. As such, you should speak honestly with them, answering any questions that they have. You don’t want to make them more nervous, and some details they may not be able to understand, so only answer the questions that they have, and try to keep your answers short and simple. The CDC also has guidelines that you can follow on how best to speak with your children about the coronavirus outbreak. 

Stick to your normal schedule as much as possible 

Children take comfort in routine, especially during times of crisis. While you won’t be able to stick to the exact schedule you had before the pandemic (after all, most children are not going to school at this time), you should still have them getting up and going to bed at the same time. Other daily traditions such as family dinners should also take place to give a sense of normalcy. 

Don’t let them get bored 

Without school or sports, our kids will likely run out of things to do pretty quickly. With so much time to themselves, they will likely get bored, which will only stress them out even further. So, try to keep them distracted with board games, video games, arts and crafts, books, or pretend play activities with their dolls and stuffed animals. 

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