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The Value of Transitional Objects During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We all grew up with that favorite blanket or teddy bear. We’d sleep with it, eat with it, and drive around in the car with it. These transitional objects were a great source of joy and comfort to us in our early years, but in the time of coronavirus, they have become increasingly important both to our children. 

What are transitional objects? 

Transitional objects, also known as comfort objects, are a doll, stuffed animal, blanket, or other type of object that provides psychological comfort to a child. They’re typically that security blanket or teddy bear that your child will not let go of, no matter how hard you try. They’re called transitional objects because they help children transition from being completely dependent on their parents (typically their mother) to becoming more independent.  

Transitional objects and coronavirus 

So why, exactly, are transitional objects useful during the coronavirus outbreak? Simply put, they help to ease anxiety, both during normal times and during times of crisis. Explains Dr. Daniel Lewin: “Children have less capacity in some cases to express their fears than adults. Transitional objects are wonderful ways for children to express them.” 

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of uncertainty, and as a result, a lot of anxiety. Even if our children don’t completely understand what is happening, they can pick up on the anxiety and stress of their parents. Transitional objects, however, can provide comfort to children while also helping them work through their own emotions about this crisis.  

Here at The Zoo Factory, our selection of stuffable animals can be a great source of comfort to children during these stressful times. Take a look through our inventory or contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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