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Adults and Stuffed Animals: Why It’s Okay

stuffed animalsWe often post about how wonderful stuffed animals are for children, and how they benefit from them. Today, we’re going to blow your mind with tips and solid facts as to why it’s totally okay for adults to have, and sleep with, teddy bears or other stuffed animals.

For one thing, a stuffed toy (especially one you’ve had since childhood) is the thing you turn to when you’re upset. This is one friend who has always been there for you, judgment free. Whether you had an argument with a friend or you’ve done something you’re not proud of, you’ll seek comfort in this companion. This little guy will never tell you how to feel or that you’re wrong, he’ll just sit there and let you cuddle all your woes away.

Everybody does, it’s just that nobody talks about it.

Sleeping with teddy bears is common for adults. A recent study shows that 35% of adults admitted to sleeping with their stuffed animals. That’s only the people who admitted it. Surely, some percentage of the people who said “No” are liars.

Unconditional love and hugs, whenever you want them, are priceless. Even pets get in moods where they don’t want to cuddle or hug, and when you need a hug, you need a hug. Large sentimental teddy bears are the perfect comfort huggers.

If you’re pushing 30, 40, or 200, it doesn’t matter. If you love your stuffed animal, there’s no law or age limit for having a loving companion. A common myth is that there’s some psychological reason or issue causing an adult to sleep with and keep his or her stuffed animals. In reality, that’s not true. Your stuffed animal simply reduces stress. If the item is sentimental, it could be an attachment to a happy memory, and in that case, it’s still a positive comforting presence in your life. Any healthy, mentally stable person could benefit from this.

Click here to read about many adults who shamelessly love their stuffed animals and shout it with pride! You can also read statistics and celebrities who still keep their stuffed toys in the infographic below!


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3 thoughts on “Adults and Stuffed Animals: Why It’s Okay

  1. i am an adult collector of stuffed animals and have almost 100 in my collection, i sleep with 5-10 on my bed and atleast one in my arms.
    i know collectors that have thousands of stuffed animals that they have collected over many years. and they are not afraid to tell someone that.

  2. Wow, 35% of adults admitted to sleeping with a stuffed animal. I’m impressed that so many were brave enough to admit it. However, I think my wife could be one of them. She doesn’t sleep with her stuffed animals much anymore, at least not when I am home, but I know she does when I am gone. Really one teddy bear in particular that I bought for her when we were dating. It is just a comforting thing and I don’t think people should be embarrased about admitting it.

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