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Can’t Make a Family Vacation? Send Your Stuffed Animals Instead!

Stuffed Animal Wanderlust

Unagi Travel offers a unique experience for your long-loved companion. Maybe you can’t take the time off work, or maybe a family vacation is just not in your budget this year, whatever the case may be, there’s an intriguingly fun alternative. Send your family’s favorite stuffed animals on vacation and receive stunning photographs of your cherished friends in aesthetically stunning scenes and gorgeous landmarks from all over Japan. Maybe you can’t see the world just yet, but your lifelong best friend can, and you can create lasting photographs that spark emotion and desire.

The program, started by Sonoe Azuma, takes your stuffed animal on an adventurous excursion. You can follow the trip on Facebook to feel as if you’re really there with your companion. Over 200 toys have already traveled around Japan and the United States.

To satisfy your burning wanderlust, it could cost thousands of dollars for an enjoyable stay. Sending your stuffed animal can range from $20-$55 dollars and the trip includes a photo CD of all the sightseeing adventures.


Would you send your stuffed animal across the world to venture where you can’t go? Share your thoughts or photos of your stuffed animals traveling in our comments section!


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