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How to Help Your Child Get Ready for Bed

How to Get Your Child Ready for Bed

While some children embrace nighttime routines and willingly hop into the bath, other kids struggle with the concept and will do anything to postpone shutting their eyes. This can be frustrating but also worrisome for caregivers. Nevertheless, there is hope. By creating a routine and even enlisting the help of their favorite stuffed animal, you can get your kids to bed in no time. Here’s how:

Set and Stick to a Bedtime Routine

Children thrive on routines because they set expectations. Create a fun bedtime routine with your child and include some activities that make them excited about bedtime. Start with a bath that includes some entertaining games, directly followed by changing into a set of pajamas of your child’s choosing. Have them pick them out ahead of time so you’re not wasting time looking for the “right pair.”

Reading one book or listening to one song is another easy thing to incorporate into a routine. Choosing a favorite activity will help children look forward to bedtime.

Consider Teddy Bear Backup

Grab your child’s favorite teddy bear and have your child change it into pajamas during your child’s bedtime routine. While you help your child change into pajamas, they can help their teddy bear do so. Children tend to imitate, so they might be excited to change into their pajamas if their favorite stuffed animal is as well.

Create a Game

Most children love games and making bedtime into a game  can help some children enjoy the experience. Once you have an established routine, add in some activities to make it more fun. Time how long it takes your child to get through their bedtime routine, and on a night that it seems to be dragging, have them try and beat the time. Consider changing into your own pajamas with your child and “race” to see who can change the fastest.

Don’t be afraid to offer small prizes when bedtime goes as planned such as stickers, a stuffed animal for consistent good behavior, and so forth.

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Gift Ideas for Kids Going Off to College

Gift Ideas for Kids Going Off to College

Our kids are graduating high school, and before we know it, they’ll be heading off to college. As we well know, college is a huge step, provoking a lot of emotions like excitement, curiosity, and even anxiety. We can help our kids by getting them the perfect gifts to start their new life. Here are a few ideas to get started:

The Practical Gifts

College isn’t like high school. Our kids will have new responsibilities from cooking their own meals to preparing for tough final exams. As such, they’ll need a helping hand to get situated and used to their new life. You may not be able to look after them all the time like you used to, but you can still help them out even if you’re miles away. Here are some practical gifts that your kids can use every day to keep themselves afloat:

  • Programmable alarm clock: Some kids have a hard time getting up for that 8am lecture. Make sure they don’t miss out by getting them a programmable alarm clock.
  • College cookbooks: There is a plethora of cookbooks out there geared directly to college students. Many of these contain recipes that can be cooked inside a dorm.
  • Eye mask and ear buds: Sharing a single room can be tough. Give your kids something to block out any disturbances with eye masks and ear buds.

The Sentimental Gifts

While practical gifts are all well and good, don’t forget the sentimental ones too. College can be a rough transition, and most kids feel some sense of homesickness. A few sentimental gifts from their parents and family members can mean all the difference.

  • Framed pictures: Find a few sentimental photos of the family that your kid can hang in their dorm room.
  • Care packages: While your kids are away at school, be sure to send them care packages with gifts from home.
  • Stuffed animals: Stuffed animals aren’t just for little kids, they can also be for big kids who are making the tough transition into adulthood.

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Family Summer Activities for 2021

Family Summer Activities for 2021

In a little over a month, our kids will be out of school and starting their summer vacations. But COVID-19 is still a concern. While most of us adults will be vaccinated during the summer months, kids under the age of 12 likely won’t be. That’s because the FDA has not yet authorized any of the current vaccines to be administered to children, and that likely won’t change before the beginning of summer.

However, that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy themselves this summer. Here are some fun and safe summer activities the entire family can enjoy in 2021:

Go camping or to a secluded getaway

If you’re eager to get away from home, camping is a great bet. Unlike other types of vacations, you won’t be interacting with too many strangers. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the great outdoors. Even if you don’t want to spend your time in a tent, cabins or an Airbnb are still safe alternatives. They’re at least better than hotels where you have to share eating areas and stay in close quarters with other guests.

Visit friends or relatives

Chances are that the kids haven’t seen grandma or grandpa in quite some time. But the CDC has updated their guidelines, saying that fully vaccinated people can interact with unvaccinated people from a single household. This means that even if your kids aren’t vaccinated yet, they pose little threat to their grandparents or other elderly family members.

Start a new project or hobby

If you’re not comfortable traveling yet, there is still plenty for you to do in the comfort of your own home. Encourage your kids to pick up a new project or hobby. Plus, thanks to online resources like YouTube or Udemy, it’s easier now than ever to learn new tricks in the comfort of your own home. They can start gardening, drawing, painting, or anything else that may interest them.

Take a virtual tour

Many famous sites around the world are now offering virtual tours for families who can’t travel. Gettysburg, the Louvre, and the Smithsonian are just some of the many sites that offer online tours. So, settle down with the kids and get ready to experience some of the world’s greatest wonders.

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