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Why Your Child Should Bring a Stuffable Animal to Summer Camp

Girls playing with stuffed animals outside

Summer is the perfect time for your child to explore new hobbies, sports, and activities, and there’s no better place for that than a summer camp!

When assisting your child packing their bags for camp, be sure to include all the essentials along with one of their favorite furry companions to help them on their summertime adventures.

Here are a few ways your child will benefit from bringing a stuffable best friend to summer camp.

Deal with Homesickness

Leaving home can be tough, especially for a young child. When you arrive at a summer camp, your child may want to go home right away. However, bringing a stuffed animal along can help. By taking one of their furry friends with them, they’ll be bringing a piece of home along, which can ease any homesickness they may feel.

Help Make Friends

A stuffed animal can help build social and language skills, which are very important factors for making friends in a new place. They’re also great conversational starters! Other children may want to play with your child’s teddy bear or have their own stuffed animals play with them. Before you know it, your child has made friends before the first day has even ended.

Join the Activities

From hiking to water sports, horseback riding, and ziplining, your child will encounter many new and interesting activities at summer camp. Having a stuffable companion along will make those activities all the more enjoyable and memorable. Plus, they can have their stuffed animal look the part by dressing them in different outfits according to the activity!

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