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The History of Raikes Bears

Woodworker Carving a Piece of Wood

If you’re a fan of teddy bears and their rich history, you’ve probably heard of the Raikes Bear. This is one of the most historical teddy bears of all times, especially known for the unique features it possesses.

Raikes Bears are well-known for their carved, wooden faces. While they were extremely popular many years ago, they are now pretty hard to come by.

Robert Raikes who was the creator of the Raikes Bear was well-traveled according to ThoughtCo. Raikes was born in California and lived all over the United States. He also lived in England, and after joining the military, lived in various parts of Southeast Asia.

Raikes had a passion for carving, which resulted in the famous Raikes Bear. His earliest carvings consisted of wooden sculptures that ranged from furniture to carousel horses. In the 1970s, Raikes was asked to produce dolls. As a result, the first version of the Raikes Bears, which had a carved wooden face and cloth bodies filled with sawdust, hit the market.

In the next few years, Raikes perfected his aesthetic and his teddy bears started to become very popular. In the 1980s, Raikes created the first Raikes Bear that most people are familiar with now.

After selling the bears for several years, Raikes sold the licensing rights to a company called Applause. After a couple of successful years, Raikes reclaimed the rights to the unique bears, hoping to perfect them and bring a limited number to the market. With that, their value increased immensely because only a few bears were available at one time and they were being crafted by Raikes himself.

Raikes Bears are now available in second hand shops and specialty gift stores, but they certainly come at cost. If you have one of the originals, it could now be worth hundreds.

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25 thoughts on “The History of Raikes Bears

  1. We have been gifted with a donation of Raikes Bears and we are trying to get an accurate value on them. If you all can help , that would be great! Thank you

    1. I have two bears original that match a boy and a girl with leather jackets and leather glasses that pull down
      Good condition. What’s the worth

  2. I have many Robert Raike bears but recently won one at a auction and I can not find anything out about her.
    She is signed on the left foot and her name “Rosebud” is on the other foot. I have pictures if you would like to see them. I have tried to search every site I can and I have not found her anywhere. I am having to get a list of all my collectibles for my insur. co. and their values but can’t find hers. Can you help me please. I have looked on ebay and all other selling sites.

  3. I have a Robert Raikes bear named Noah that came with a Arc made of wood that was one of fifty! Can anyone tell me if the value!

    1. Does it matter if the teddy bear has a signature on it’s foot? It says Robert raikes. But idk if that makes it more valuable what’s it worth?

  4. Have 2 Robert Raikes
    Number tt4378/1000
    Do you have any information on the bear

  5. Is Robert Raikes still alive?

    1. Yes, and had the pleasure of meeting him today:-)

      1. Wonderful! I have seven of his dolls, between 6″ and 11″ and love them, but no bears.
        I contacted him some years ago and he was happy to make a one of a kind Hitty size doll for me but not to ship overseas. I thought a relative would receive it in Vermont and send it on to me in the UK, but she died before I could arrange things. I tried to contact Mr. Raikes to explain and apologize, but couldn’t reach him via email.
        Such a lovely man – hope he is well.
        Would love to find out more about his Keisha/Hope dolls as I know nothing much about the two I have.

  6. I have recently Inherited a large collection of Raikes bears from the 80’s to the 90’s.. I could use some information on prices and where to sale.

  7. How are you Bobby?
    USS Catskill MCS-1
    Shipmate Beau Davidson

  8. I just purchased a Robert bear that is signed Raikes then has 83’
    And then carved L126
    Is he one of his original bears? I can’t find prices on the 1983 and hand carved signature. Thank you for any help.

  9. I have one of his bears. Her name is Heather she was given to me by Robert Raiker himself. When I help him with a loan from the bank I worked for. I love the bear would like more information about it.

  10. Hi, I have aquired a Robert Rakes ‘Woody’, signed, as well as a Robert Raikes ‘Kip’, signed and numbered. I am looking for a value on these bears, my research hasn’t been successful. Thank you

  11. I have a Robert Raikes Theodora Bear 142/150. I would like some information: Year Made and today’s Value. Thanks.

  12. I have came across a Monkey in a Clown Suit. His number on his right foot has 3070/5000.
    Any info would be great.

  13. Hey everyone! They’re pretty much worthless. I can’t get rid of mine! I tried to pay someone to take it away but they were afraid it was haunted!!! Good luck!!!

    1. Where are you located?

    2. Really, send me a picture. I love bears ( even haunted ones)

  14. I have several Raikes bears with their certificates i have also been trying to give away for free. I have not been able to find a place or person interested. Any suggestions???

  15. Raikes bears with certificate for free.

    1. Where are you located?

    2. Yes contact me

      1. I have several Raikes Bears and a doll and I have the three bears. I don’t have original packages or certificates. Some are numbered on the feet. I have to move into a smaller home and I’m trying to find a home for them. Someone that might appreciate them. I would pay for shipping. Just wanted to know if you are interested.

        1. Hello, Do you still have the Raikes bears and doll? I am interested. What are you selling them for? Thank-you..

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