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Recordable Sound Chip

With our recordable sound chips, you can create up to a 20 seconds special message to insert into your stuffable bear, animal or doll for that special child or person in your life. The protective locking design protects the message once it has been recorded so you don’t loose your original recording. You can replace the batteries without losing your content.

500 Plays Average Life Span

1.5″ Diameter x 1″ Depth

User Instructions:
1. To Record up to 20 seconds, place the setting to “R” and hold down the center button.
A red light will signal on left side of unit indicating recording in process
2. Release the center button when recording is complete.
3. To Play, set unit to “P” and click the middle button to hear your recording.
4. If your recording is correct, Lock the unit by holding down the middle button while the
setting is in “P” position for 12 seconds.
5. You will hear a single beep indicating the unit is locked.
6. To Unlock the unit, hold down the middle button while the setting is in “P” position for
12 seconds.
7. You will hear two beeps indicating the unit is now locked.
8. To Turn Off your unit, set the setting to “0”. This will disable playing of the recording.

Our recordable sound chips are a great way for that child or special person to hear your voice or personal message anytime they want!

Additional information

Weight 0.1250 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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