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Pledge Time Fun With Stuffed Animals

The school year is at a close for many college campuses but that doesn’t mean the planning cant being for the next year. Many sororities and fraternities are planning for the next pledge year and coming up with ideas to help their small family become one. Before pledges decide on a particular Greek house, they will want to see what each sorority or fraternity has to offer.

This could be a very important time to show possible pledges how things are done in your organization, debunking the stereotypes that might come with Greek houses.

Bonding experiences are the best way to get a group of diverse individuals together. Having a pet (like a dog or cat) is a great way to integrate people of different cultures or backgrounds but some may be allergic, and let’s be honest, college student life is not always the most ideal situation for an animal.

To make them feel at home during this process have an open night for girls or guys to visit. While there offer food and drink, and entertainment.

An interesting way is to utilize the building of stuffed animals to bring people in and see what Greek life is about. Opt for a social party, with the stuffed animal making process as part of the night’s activities. This will allow each individual interested to show off their creative side and ultimately show school spirit. This can include food and fun. If possible choose your school’s mascot and you can all have your own piece of the college incorporated with the Greek life.

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