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How to Work From Home With Kids

How to Work From Home With Kids

As much as we love our kids, they’re not great for productivity. Working from home can be hard on its own, but working from home while also caring for your kids is a whole other ballgame. Many parents are struggling to meet the expectations put upon them, and while this time in our lives will not be easy, there are ways to ease the burden. 

Create a schedule 

With so much going on in our lives, it really is important to structure our day so that we can at least try to get everything done that we planned for. Set “office” hours for when you can work (mostly) undisturbed. It doesn’t have to be one big block of time, instead you can break it up throughout the day (for instance, if your child has just gone down for a nap, you can run off to do some work before they wake up). If there are two parents in the household, alternate your work hours so that one parent is keeping an eye on the kids while the other is working. 

Talk with your boss 

Even if you create the most efficient schedule in the world, there will be times when you just can’t stick to it. Maybe your child is sick, or maybe they’re having a temper tantrum. These things need to be dealt with first, and your work dealt with second. This can cause you to work fewer hours or be less productive during work hours. Instead of scrambling, hoping that your boss doesn’t notice, be upfront with them about your current situation. Most will likely be understanding, and they’ll find ways to help you cope. 

Find activities that don’t require supervision 

If you want to get any work done, you will have to let your kids fend for themselves for a few hours in the day. The best way to do this is to find activities that don’t require adult supervision. Here are a few ideas you can try: 

  • Reading 
  • Playing video games 
  • Watching TV shows, movies, or YouTube videos (keeping it educational if you can) 
  • Playing with their dolls or stuffed animals 
  • Naptime 
  • Arts and crafts 

Of course, one way to keep your children occupied throughout the day is letting them play around with their stuffable animals. Here at The Zoo Factory, we have plenty of stuffable animals that we’re sure your child will love. Look through our website or contact us today with any questions or concerns! 

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