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How to Make the Most Out of Hand-Me-Downs

How to Make the Most Out of Hand-Me-Downs

As a parent now yourself, you understand the value of hand-me-downs and how much they can save your wallet. However, they can also be controversial with your children, as older children might not want to give away their old toys and younger children might feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick.  

Here’s how you can make the most out of hand-me-downs while keeping all of your children happy: 

Let your oldest child decide what they’re willing to give away 

Don’t just walk into your eldest’s closet and decide what to pass down to their younger sibling. Instead, involve them in the process by letting them choose what items they’re willing to give to their baby brother or sister. As you’re doing so, inspect each piece to make sure that they’re in good shape. If they’re not, you can either throw them away or donate them. 

Then let your youngest pick out what they want 

Once your eldest has picked out a collection of old toys or clothes that they’re willing to give away, let your youngest come in and decide what they want from the pile. If they start groaning at the idea of wearing old clothing or playing with old toys, try to personalize the older items. For instance, you can get new pins to put onto an old backpack, or a new outfit to put onto an old doll. If there is anything that your child doesn’t want, don’t force it on them. It will simply stay tucked away in their closet, never to be used. Instead, donate the unwanted items to families in need. 

Still get new items once in a while 

Most children won’t complain too much about receiving hand-me-downs, but they will start complaining if that’s all that they receive. A child still needs toys and clothing that are their own, and no matter what you do, a hand-me-down will always be seen as their older sibling’s property. So, be sure to give your youngest some new toys or clothing that is just their own every now and then to remind them that they’re just as special to you as their older siblings. 

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