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Hand-Me-Down Etiquette for Children’s Toys and Clothes

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As your child gets older and friends and family members start to have little ones of their own, you may be tempted to give them some of your child’s old toys and clothes. However, before you throw your child’s old things into a bin and ship them off to someone, you may want to ask yourself a few questions. Following these hand-me-down etiquettes can ensure that everyone is happy in the long run:

Make sure the other person wants your hand-me-downs

Don’t just show up at your friend’s doorstep with a box of baby supplies in your hands. They may not need those supplies, or they may not want to give their first baby hand-me-downs. Whatever the reason, there is always the chance that the other person may not want your hand-me-downs and you’ve just put them in the awkward position of either taking things they don’t want or saying no to your face. So, be sure to ask them first instead of just assuming they would take your hand-me-downs.

Only give items that are gently used

Giving someone hand-me-downs is not an opportunity to clear away junk. The items you give them should be in good condition and gently used. Anything with stains, tears, or other forms of damage should be thrown away.

Let the other person pick and choose what they want

If the other person agrees to take some of your hand-me-downs, don’t just give them everything you have. Instead, invite them over one day and let them go through what you have. That way, they can pick and choose what they want or need, and they won’t have to get rid of a bunch of items. If there are items leftover, consider donating them to a local charity.

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