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Fun Games Kids Can Play with their Stuffed Animals

Kids playing with Doll House and Stuffed animal

A stuffed animal is great for many things—sleeping, traveling, companionship, and, of course, playing. Whether it’s for a party or a typical Sunday afternoon, here are some games your child can play with their beloved stuffed animal:

Animal Hospital

Grab a toy doctor kit and let your child try on the stethoscope for a change with a game of animal hospital. Throw in some real-life medical supplies like bandages or band-aids to give it a realistic feel. Or, if you don’t want to waste medical supplies, you can always use toilet paper in lieu of bandages.

Teddy Bear Picnic

It doesn’t just have to be teddy bears, of course, but hosting a picnic for your stuffed animals is always tons of fun. Make a day of it by inviting other children and their stuffed animals, and be sure to have plenty of treats to go around. You can also bring books, frisbees, or other activities along, too.

Animal Fashion Show

If your child’s stuffed animal has lots of outfits, then encourage them to get on the runway with an animal fashion show. Invite friends so that their stuffed animals can join in and then award prizes for things like cutest, funniest, silliest, etc.

Hide and seek

Grab all of your stuffed animals and sit your child down. Tell them to cover their eyes and count to 100 as you hide each stuffed animal somewhere in the house. Then let your child go and find them—and make sure there’s an award at the end of it!

As fun as all of these games can be, they can’t be done without a trusty stuffed animal sidekick. So if your child is in need of a stuffed animal of their own, then check out The Zoo Factory. We have plenty of stuffable animals to choose from, as well as tons of outfits if you want your stuffed animal to get in on an animal fashion show!

10 thoughts on “Fun Games Kids Can Play with their Stuffed Animals

  1. this is very helpful and entertaining

  2. you can play pokemon just hide them around the house and they have to catch them

  3. you could play tea party with your stuffed animals.

    1. they already had tea party up there

    2. Or movie theater

    3. Or you could play stuffed animals go to the movies!

    4. Or stuffies go to the movies

      1. Going to school!

  4. I love playing and snuggling with stuffed animals. One of my favorite games to play with them is going to the movies.

  5. Or you could just play your stuffed animal’s life.

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