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  • Top 5 Stuffed Animals For A Newborn

    Top 5 Stuffed Animals For A NewbornAre you awaiting the birth of a newborn for yourself, friend or family member and want to find the perfect stuffed animal to accentuate the crib or just have something to remember you by?

    We have compiled a list of the top 5 stuffed animals that we feel would be great to give as a gift:

    Baby Icicle Snowman – if the baby is due in the upcoming winter or Christmas season, this snowman can be the perfect gift to go along with the season. It is a cute 8-inch doll that comes accessorized with a hat, scarf and, of course, a carrot nose.

    Baby Cream Bunny – there is nothing more adorable than a bunny, well except a new baby of course! This baby cream bunny is the perfect size at 8 inches tall. This bunny will be a great toy for the newborn to give plenty of hugs to for the next few years.

    Baby Billy Teddy Bear - what child, or even adult, doesn’t remember the teddy bear that they got as a baby that scared away the monsters or listened to their funny stories during playtime? Make this teddy bear the one that is remembered and cherished for many years to come.

    Baby Goldie Golden Retriever – this puppy dog stuffed animal will appeal to anyone or any family that are dog lovers. Goldie is 8 inches tall and can be there right aside the new baby for all of his/her first’s in life.

    Baby Glitter the Pink Horse – if there is a precious little girl on the way; Glitter will be a cute gift to give at a shower or to bring to the hospital during your first visit. This gift from you will be treasured for many years to come by the new baby on the way.

    The gift of a stuffed animal is a classic present that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.

    Find the perfect gift to welcome the newborn in your life with at The Zoo Factory by browsing our selection now. Contact us today!

  • Ideas For Dressing Up Your Stuffed Animals For Halloween

    Ideas For Dressing Up Your Stuffed Animals For HalloweenWith Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to get everyone’s costumes ready; including your stuffed animals. Here at the Zoo Factory, we have everything you will need to make this Halloween super special. We have a large selection of outfits for your children to dress their stuffed friends in, so they can match.

    While we do have an adorable pumpkin costume, your choices don’t end there.


    With the growing popularity of the Marvel and DC comics, superheroes are a great choice for your stuffed animal or doll. Spider bear or super bear would be a great sidekick for your little superheroes.

    Knights & Princesses

    Princesses are always a popular choice for costumes. Consider dressing your stuffed friend as a princess as well or a medieval knight. Fairies and witches would be a good match as well.


    Have a doctor or fireman going out trick or treating? We have the perfect companion outfits. We have doctor and nurse’s scrubs, astronaut suits and a pilot outfit, with the accompanying goggles. There is also a variety of military uniforms as well.

    Sports Uniforms

    Basketball, baseball, hockey soccer, karate and more, your sports star will find the perfect costume for their stuffed animal.

    Don’t forget to check out our pajamas section. After coming home from a long night of trick or treating, everyone (Teddy included) will want to put their pajamas on and relax.

    If you’re looking for the perfect stuffed animals, we can help with over 200 options. At The Zoo Factory, you’ll find everything you need for your stuffed friends and dolls. Contact us today!

  • Fall Camping With Your Stuffed Animals

    Fall Camping With Your Stuffed Animals


    Looking back, some of the best childhood memories were from family camping trips that we all took. Away from the technology and busyness, we had the entire time to ourselves and our families.

    If you didn’t get the opportunity to go camping this summer, it actually works out for the better.

    Taking a camping trip during the fall months may prove to be a better time to go for your family. The scenery and fall foliage are beautiful and these picturesque views will make you glad you waited a few months.

    Not only are the views spectacular but the weather isn’t too shabby either. Waking up to crisp morning air will make your coffee and hot chocolate taste even better and the cooler temperatures make hiking and spending time outdoors much more comfortable than the stifling summer months.

    There are a variety of different camp activities for the entire family like apple and pumpkin picking, local festivals and even fishing derbies.

    Many children like to bring their friends along for the camping trip and you’d hate for them to miss out on the fun.

    If you’re thinking of taking your stuffed friend or dolls along for the adventure consider adding these items to your packing list:

    • Let your doll or stuffed animal snuggle up next to you in sleeping bag that fits them just right.
    • Feeling hungry after a long day of apple picking and running through corn mazes? With the Coleman stove you will get a light-up stove, iron skillet, spatula, burger, grilled cheese, fried eggs and bacon.
    • Cool down after a long day hiking with some nice cold drinks from the Coleman cooler. It also comes with two glasses of lemonade with straws.
    • Being afraid of the dark is no longer a problem with our Coleman Lantern!

    With dozens of stuffed animals to choose from and a wide variety of accessories, The Zoo Factory has everything you need for your stuffed animals or dolls and your upcoming camping trip. Please check out our selection and contact us today!

  • Cool Extras To Use At Your Child's Next Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

    Parents are always looking for a way to make their child's birthday party memorable. Whether it is special decorations, a character themed party, awesome games, and prizes, parents of little ones want their child's day to be significant in every way possible.


    As we scour through dozens of Pinterest pages, get tips from friends and family and even take notes from the things our little ones say, we still may come up short on an idea.


    So what is a parent to do?  Cool Extras To Use At Your Child's Next Stuffed Animal Birthday Party


    An ideal birthday party activity is one that can be done with the group and can be a great "thank you" gift for attending. We are not talking about the traditional goody bags filled with candy and fun little trinkets. We are talking about putting together stuffed animals.


    Stuffed animals are and will always remain a favorite among little children. At your child's birthday party, why not allow all of the kids to stuff their own friend. This is not only fun but memorable for all involved.


    Probably one of the coolest parts of stuffing animals at the birthday party is not just the actual stuffing; it's the creativeness that is put into making the friend unique. You can allow the kids to use their imaginations and draw whatever they want on their animals. Maybe the birthday girl or boy would like all of their friends to sign their animal? Or they can draw pictures of their favorite things like sunshine, rainbows, flowers, and animals.


    In addition to fabric markers, we also carry home carry boxes which look like a little house for the stuffed animal and also wishing stars where the children can make a wish upon the star and then place the star in the animal before it closes.


    At The Zoo Factory, we have all of the above-mentioned accessories to help make the birthday party stuffed friends personal. For more information or questions on the products we offer, contact us today!

  • Purchasing New Stuffing To Bring Your Child's Animal Back To Life

    Purchasing New Stuffing To Bring Your Child's Animal Back To Life


    Stuffed animals are so adorably soft, plush and serve as the perfect source for comfort and cuddling. Overtime after all of the hugs and snuggles, your little one's stuffed animal could have seen better days.

    It is not uncommon for stuffed animals to have lost their fluffiness and your little one may begin to notice the changes and become upset. After all, stuffed animals are a sense of security for little children and even the slightest of changes can become a catastrophe.

    Some parents might think it is time to make a new friend by purchasing a new stuffed animal when they notice the other one has gotten too flat. This is not really necessary, especially if the child has an emotional attachment to it.

    By re-stuffing, the animal can once again have its fluffy appearance. Most store bought stuffed animals are sewn together when you purchase them. This entails you having to make a cut along the seam and opening the stuffed animal. Once the new stuffing has been put in, you just have to sew it back up. With this option, you run the risk of not closing the fur tightly enough, which could result in a tear and spillage of stuffing.

    A simple solution to this problem is by purchasing a stuff-able bear that you and your child can stuff for the first time together. These stuffed animals are closed by zipper or Velcro, which makes it much easier to re-apply stuffing in the future.

    Our stuff-able adorable animal friends can be re-stuffed and we have our available stuffing listed on our website. You can purchase additional stuffing by choosing the size of the animal. The sizing options are for 8 inch and 16 inch. If you want to bring back to life your child's stuffed animal, you can do so with The Zoo Factory today.

  • Finding Accessories For Your Child's Stuffed Animal

    Finding Accessories For Your Child's Stuffed AnimalThere are a variety of child friendly toys that can become a treasured item in their life. However, nothing can really compare to the love given to a stuffed animal. Stuffed animals are a little one’s first best friend and companion that travel to and fro wherever they go.

    Stuffed animals bring much comfort in times of need in a child’s life such as birthdays, illnesses, first school experience, and also for those just because moments.

    What else that is so great about a stuffed animal is that there are no batteries required, there is little to no maintenance expect for an occasional washing, and they are the perfect way to give and get a comforting squeeze.

    When stuffed animals first became popular decades ago, it was typically a brown, black or white teddy bear. This teddy bear would be fuzzy and cute and very simple. Nowadays, stuffed animals can be accessorized to the fullest, making playing with them so much more fun.

    Your little one will certainly have a delightful time dressing up and accessorizing their stuffed friend. Some examples of accessories include outfits, shoes, hats, jewelry, back packs, bathing items, swimwear, and sunglasses.

    Two very adorable accessories available for stuffed animals are the sleeping bags and Little Secret Hearts.

    As a companion for sleepovers, the sleeping bag is perfect. Fitting a large stuffed animal, the sleeping bag is so much fun for little ones to play pretend sleepover with their best furry friend. When going on vacation or when having to be away, your child’s stuffed animal’s sleeping bag brings much comfort and entertainment.

    Little Secret Hearts are 16 inches and have an elastic band that wraps around the stuffed animal and also has a little storage compartment. Closing with Velcro, your little one’s animal can hold or hug their little secrets! Each Little Secret Heart has a sweet message embroidered on the front, making it much more significant.

    For a look at these stuffed animal accessories, feel free to browse through our website. The Zoo Factory has a wonderful collection of accessories that will be perfect, contact us for more information today.

  • Adding A Wonderful Scent To Your Child's Stuffed Animal

    Adding A Wonderful Scent To Your Child's Stuffed AnimalOne of the strongest senses the human body experiences is the sense of smell. Scents play a key role in our mental and emotional well-being. Most people have a favorite scent that brings them peace, and a feeling of calm and happiness. This occurs most often with children.

    Whether it is a parent’s scent, the smell of the laundry detergent or food, children relate happiness and memories to a special scent. Scents and significant items are particularly important in the life of a child. Think back to your own childhood and we can imagine that at one point, there was a stuffed animal or doll that was a favorite. As a small child, stuffed animals and their unique scent are very comforting.

    When you combine the two, a stuffed animal and inviting scent, you have a wonderful combination in a product that is sure to be loved by any little human being.

    The world of creating a stuffed animal friend is a popular activity for our youngest generation. They love the idea that their buddy has been hand-picked and stuffed just for them. You can now take the special process one step further by placing a scent in the middle of the stuffing within the animal for a long-lasting smell.

    Aromabearapy has a full line of adorable paw-inspired scent chips to be placed within stuffed animals. All you have to do is add the scent chip in the middle of the tummy inside of the stuffing. After a few minutes, tell your little one to hug their friend tightly and a wonderful smell will erupt from the animal. The smell is not over-powering.  Some of the scents include baby powder, bubble gum, apple, cotton candy, strawberry, and more.

    For a full list and description of the available Aromabearapy scent chips, feel free to browse our website. For more information, contact us today!

  • Why It’s Important To Clean Your Stuffed Animal

    You may keep a very clean home, shampooing your carpets and disinfecting your surfaces regularly to keep your kids safe from everyday germs that can be very harmful to them. What you may not realize, though is that their security item, like their stuffed animals, also need a little bit of extra attention in order for your children to stay safe.

    The most common issue that your child’s stuffed animal would likely have is dust mites, and dust mite allergens can become a contributing factor to eczema and asthma flare-ups. Stuffed animals can also be home to other harmful bacteria that can pass colds and flus, from one child to another or from your child to you.

    Why It’s Important To Clean Your Stuffed Animal

    Luckily for you, as long as your child’s stuffed animal fits in the washing machine, you can prevent the spread of germ and allergens! With the help of a laundry bag, like the ones we have available on our site, your stuffed friends become machine washable.

    We recommend that you wash your furry friends once per week at a high temperature with antibiotic detergent. The laundry bag will ensure that your stuffed friend will stay intact and unharmed in the washing machine, as well as the dryer. Rips and tears could occur if your teddy gets snagged on buttons or zippers that are also in the washing machine, but our laundry bag will prevent all of these issues.

    Pick up a laundry bag today and stick those stuffed animals in the wash to get rid of germs and allergens that are hiding behind their sweet plush faces. Get your hands on these helpful stuffed animal cleaning accessories from The Zoo Factory! For more information or to order any of our great products, contact us today!

  • Using A Sound Box To Add A Personal Touch

    Using A Sound Box To Add A Personal Touch

    There are personal touches that artists attribute to their work so that everyone knows who made that specific piece, most of the time taking the form of a signature, but what about another type of personal touch, one that everyone will know within ear shot?

    At The Zoo Factory, we offer one of the most personal touches of all; your voice. With our recordable sound chips, you can create up to 10-seconds of special message that you will be able to record with your own voice, so that any project, from stuffed animals to action figures, will make sure to have your personal touch, one that is the hardest to replicate.

    Don’t stop at just using your pre-recorded voice, look into using any sound that you wish to have recorded and created to share. If you wanted to have the sound of a calm brook or waves breaking on the shore you can have that. The possibilities are endless, only bound by the limits of your imagination.

    The Zoo Factory has the perfect sound chip for you.

    Looking for the sound of a dog barking or a cow mooing? Looking to create an atmosphere of wonder and mystery, there is the sound of a wolf howling that will echo through anyone who the piece is for. For those that desire the sounds of animals then we will also be able to assist you with the pre-recorded sounds chips, with sounds of your animal creations.

    The Zoo Factory offers hundreds of sound chips for every piece of art that you are able to imagine! Check out our selection or contact us today for more information.

  • Dressing Your American Girl Doll For Home Or Career

    American Girl is a doll company that truly celebrates the differences in all young girls, and teaches them about history, how to be a good friend, and the importance of philanthropy. American Girl dolls are also great for the home and office.

    The doll can be the symbol of your career choice or the mascot of the office. With its uniqueness and the ability to be creative with the dress, you can have your American Doll look just like one of the crew; something the clients or guests view to soothe and inspire them or recognize the playful, relaxing nature of the company.

    But, let’s be honest for a second: the best part of any doll is the clothes!

    Dressing her up in cool outfits can be so fun and you have to have a good variety to make it really fun. American Girl dolls can be dressed in anything from costumes to dresses, to seasonal selections and jammies.

    And don’t forget the different career outfits!

    If you’d like the doll to look like an aspiring doctor, make sure to include a doctor’s outfit from The Zoo Factory.

    If you keep your doll at home and want your daughters to see what the career dress might look like, well then not only will you love dressing the dolls in different kinds of outfits, you’ll love seeing the dolls in the outfits of the careers they hope to have one day. To put in your order of American Girl Doll clothing and accessories, contact us today!

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