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Pet’s Toys Need to Be Cleaned, Too!

washing pets toys

Your pet’s toys get dirty and soiled just as anything else that gets used a lot. Surface dirt needs to be removed, and sometimes even the bounciness of the toy needs to be refreshed. Washing is simple. First thing to do is read labels and if there are washing instruction for a specific toy, follow them.

If you have no instructions you can still clean your pet’s toys. For rubber toys a gentle wash in soap and water, with a nice long rinse to make sure all the soap is off, is fine. But for furry toys, it is a bit more involved.

Here at the Zoo Factory we have a special Bath Laundry Bag, into which you can place furry toys so that they don’t break apart in the wash cycle. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser, like Woolite, or one that is made especially for cleaning furry toys. Wash on a “gentle” or “delicates” cycle, and with only warm water. Cold water can also be used. Never use bleach or bleach alternatives.

Dry on cool while still in the Bath Laundry Bag, or allow the toys to air dry outside the bag. The Zoo Factory also has dryer sheets to add more freshness, if you choose to dry the toys in a dryer.

Cleaning toys regularly ensures your pet’s good health, and actually enhances play time. Playing with a clean, fluffy toy is more fun than playing with one that is oily and grimy. And our candy scented dryer sheets, provide a fresh clean smell.

Washing your pet’s toys is appealing to everyone – humans and animals alike. So give your pet’s toys a routine cleaning. Your animal pals will be eternally grateful.


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New: AromaBearapy for your Stuffable Animals!

scent chips

During the holiday time you smell the cookies cooking and it brings back those memories of making them with your mom as a child. Or in the summer time the first time you cut the grass and it brings back memories of having a teddy bear picnic in your yard. These are all memories based around scents. Imagine the possibilities you have to create scent memories with your children.

AromaBearapy scent chips can be placed into your Zoo Factory animal to give off the scent of your choice. Currently there are 8 scents to choose from, including buttered popcorn and cupcake!

If you are unsure of what scent you would like to choose or if this is a surprise for your child, think about where this gift will be given to them. If you are planning on giving this a party of a birthday party package, you may want to think about getting cupcake flavored scent. They will remember all the fun times they have with finds create zoo factory animals every time they smell a cupcake scent.aromabearapy

Giving the bear as a gift? You may want to use Chocolate Mint or Strawberry. These two scents are very popular and can be used for any occasion. AromaBearapy scent chips are a great addition to any stuffed animal and can take a regular stuffed animal to the next level. It may even make your child choose a brand new favorite toy!

We only have 5 senses and with toys it is difficult to engage multiple senses. With AromaBearapy scent chips you are engaging the sense of smell, touch and sight. Other toys only engage touch and sight. These new scent chips can help your child grow more than you could imagine.

Have any questions about this new product? Give The Zoo Factory a call!