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Don’t Hinder your Child’s Imagination

sleeping with stuffed animals


Do you remember the moment you realized you were grown and no longer could have the imagination and creativity you once did? For most of us, that was a defining moment and probably a little bit sad and depressing. Did you ever take a moment to understand how you got to that point? Well it probably started when your parents told you to start growing up.


One of the first things you think about when you think about small children and their creativity is when they don’t have friends around and they start playing with their toys. Those toys are what fuels their mind and creativity. Children cannot let their imagination grow if those things are taken away from them. There is no good reason to take away your children’s stuffed animals at any age. Let them decide when it is ok to stop sleeping without boo boo bunny. After all you were the one who let them sleep with it in the first place. Wouldn’t it be a little bit contradictory to take them away now?


Children need their stuffed animals not only for their imagination to grow but for their own sense of security. Yes, you as their guardian provide security and protection but the stuffed companions they have are something they can control in their life. If you were to take away something so precious to them they may no flourish in the social department, instead feel lonely and lost. When your child begins to go to school it may be a good idea to start leaving their stuffed friends at home and playing with living breathing friends at school. That does not mean they will forget about their stuffed friend and not look for it when they come home. They will always want that sense of security and some people may hold onto those things well into adulthood but that isn’t a bad thing. Emotions are high when it comes to their prized possession.


Don’t take away something so important to them; let them decide when it is time to stop sleeping with boo boo bunny. Let them decide when it is time to start growing up.


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Preventing the Dog From Attacking Stuffed Animals

 Stuffed Chihuahua Toy


There are two scenarios that can happen when a dog is faced with your little one’s stuffed animals. One, feisty four legged friends might treat stuffed animals as their arch nemesis. And two, they will want to cuddle, play and make friends with it and we can’t blame them, stuffed animals are soft and cute!


Even though the above are very common, your dog taking over your little one’s stuffed friends won’t go over so well. Our business is built on creating soft, plush and adorable friends for your little one to find comfort in, which is why this post is dedicated to keeping your dog from attacking stuffed animals.


  • Provide a box or bin where the dog’s toys are located. Introduce this area to your dog and show them how to retrieve toys from there only.


  • Make a positive association with the location of the dog’s toys. Throw a couple of treats in the box when the dog retrieves a toy or when he picks one up to put back.


  • If it hasn’t already been established, teach your dog the “leave it” or “drop it” command. This will not only save you stuffed animals, but socks, slippers and toilet paper as well.


  • Show your dog a stuffed animal and if they attempt to approach it, enforce the “leave it” command.


  • If you are going to be out of the house, leave the stuffed animals out of reach. This is an important lesson for your little one as well.


  • Lastly, cross your fingers that any attempt you make works!


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