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Why Parents Should Limit Their Screen Time

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Here at The Zoo Factory, we’ve talked a lot about how parents should limit their children’s screen time. But what about the time parents spend on their own screens? While children are particularly susceptible to screens, so too are parents. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that excessive screen time can’t harm our health or our ability to parent our kids. Here’s why:

You’ll struggle to balance work and family

Technology has blurred the lines between work and home. This is especially true now that many of us are working from home. However, if you’re “on call” for work at all times, you’ll have less time for your kids. At the end of the day, you need to put your phone down, turn your laptop off, and take a break from work for a little while.

You’ll seem disconnected

Children like to feel that you’re paying attention to them. However, if you spend all your time at home staring at your phone or watching TV, they won’t feel like you care about them. In fact, a recent study described how parents who spent more time using technology dealt with more attention-seeking behavior from their children.

Children copy what they see

Chances are that many of the behaviors your parents exhibited in your childhood are behaviors you repeat today. That’s because our parents are our primary role models as children. As a parent yourself, you will notice your own child copying what you do. So, if they see you constantly staring at a screen, they will replicate that behavior in their own life. Meanwhile, a parent who is engaged and spends a reasonable amount of time on their screens will exhibit healthier behavior.

While digital screens can be handy and fun, it’s important to make sure they don’t take over our or our children’s lives. Here at The Zoo Factory, we encourage all parents and kids to put their phones down for a little while and have some one-on-one interactions, preferably with one of our stuffable animals involved! To get started, look through our website today!

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