16" Animals

Each animal comes with a birth certificate and wishing star.

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Showing 1–21 of 210 results

The Zoo Factory’s 16” stuffable animals are the big brothers and big sisters to the smaller 8” stuffable animals. Twice the size and twice the fun, these are even bigger Make Your Own Stuffed Animal kits that are perfect for kids a little more grown up. While baby teddies, puppies, kittens and chimps are perfect for little hands, children in school or almost there need a bigger buddy to go along with them on their adventures.

16” animals are the perfect squeezable size. Soft and filled with fluff that the child can fill themselves, they are the ideal companion for stormy nights, long trips, sick days or just snuggling on the couch. From the moment your child stuffs up their new companion, they will love him and want to take him everywhere. They can have a party with their 8” stuffed animals or start a new collection with a newly-stuffed 16” toy. With tigers, dragons, eagles, bears, dogs, elephants, monkeys, dolphins, frogs, fish and many more, every child can find an animal they love and start their very own zoo!

Find your child’s favorite animal and order a Make Your own Stuffed Animal Kit that he or she can stuff. Take a look at outfits to match the character for the best birthday present yet.