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How to Prepare Your Child for a Trip

Mother helping to put on the seat belt for child

With the school year winding down, many of us are starting to think about our summer vacations. Trips are always exciting for every member of the family. However, it can be stressful to leave home, especially if this is the first trip your child has ever gone on. Here, we list some ideas to help prepare your child for your next trip:

Let the kids help plan

To help your child get excited for the trip, let them in on the planning. Knowing that they had a say in what you do will make the trip even more appealing. Sit down with them and go through some ideas together. Not everything they suggest will be do-able, but just doing one or two of their ideas will be enough to excited them!

Make it familiar

Some kids get anxious when leaving home because they’re heading for unfamiliar territory—literally! To help reduce any nerves, educate your child about where you’re going. Show them pictures of the hotel, the city you’ll be staying in, as well as any other destinations you may visit.

Create a list

It’s important that your child brings everything they need with them. However, expecting them to remember everything themselves is asking a bit much. Start creating a list of items at least a week prior to when you leave. This way, they can add items to the list as they remember them and then check them off once they start packing.

Bring a comfort item

As excited as your kid may be, it’s normal for them to feel a bit nervous when leaving home. Bring a comfort item with them can help ease some of their anxieties. A blanket, toy, or stuffed animal will always do the trick. Plus, you can then take cute photos of their stuffed animals at different locations throughout your trip!

For more tips and tricks on how to prepare for your summer vacation, read through our blog today!

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