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Crafty Halloween: DIY Decorations Your Kids Will Love Making

Above view many different Halloween pumpkins made of felt or paper placed on wooden surface. Handmade halloween style bookmarks.

October is synonymous with the excitement of Halloween – a time where creativity comes to life, quite literally. Ghosts, goblins, witches, and their mystical companions adorn neighborhoods, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about handcrafted decorations. Engaging children in DIY Halloween crafts not only fosters creativity but also builds anticipation for the spookiest night of the year. Below are some whimsical, kid-friendly decoration ideas to make your home the talk of the town.

1. Ghostly Lanterns

Materials Needed: Old jars, white paint, black marker, and a tea light.

Instructions: Have your kids paint the outside of the jars with white paint. Once dried, draw ghostly faces using a black marker. Insert a tea light, and voila, you have a collection of eerie yet adorable ghost lanterns to light up the spooky night.

2. Pumpkin Painting

Materials Needed: Pumpkins and colorful paints.

Instructions: Carving can be a bit complex and messy for younger children. Instead, lay out a plethora of paint options and let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Monsters, witches, or even their favorite superheroes can come to life on the pumpkins!

3. Spider Sacks

Materials Needed: White yarn, small plastic spiders, and balloons.

Instructions: Wrap the yarn around inflated balloons, creating a web-like effect. Insert small plastic spiders in between the spaces. Once dry, pop the balloon, and you have a creepy-crawly spider sack to hang around the house.

Conclusion: Making Memories

These craft ideas are not just about adorning your home with Halloween decor but also about the experience and memories created during the process. Children’s pride in their creations and the joy of witnessing their artistry displayed fosters a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

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