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How to Celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Mother and kids feeding giraffe at the zoo

Our local zoos and aquariums are essential to preserving and protecting wildlife. Supporting their efforts will help them in this quest. While you can support your local zoo and/or aquarium any time of the year, why not make an extra effort during National Zoo and Aquarium Month? Every June, our nation recognizes the efforts of our zoos and aquariums in supporting wildlife, and you can too! Here’s how:

Visit your local zoo and/or aquarium

Obviously, the best way to celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month is to visit your local zoo and/or aquarium. The proceeds from your tickets will help support the institution as well as the animals they take care of. Many zoos and aquariums act as rehabilitation centers that help injured fish and animals or protect endangered species, and your visit can help fund this. Not only that, but you will enjoy a wonderful day viewing and learning about various species. Use it as a date night or take your kids out for the day while they’re off from school!

Donate to different organizations

If you don’t have a zoo or aquarium near you, or you want to do more than just visit, consider donating to organizations across the country. Zoos, aquariums, and wildlife conservation charities are always looking for donations. They will accept money, but you can also send supplies. Many of these charities have a list of supplies they’re always looking for on their website that you could donate.

Not sure which charity to donate to? You can find one at

Spread the word

The more people who visit their zoos and aquariums or donate to wildlife institutions, the better. Even if you don’t have ten thousand twitter followers, a tweet or a Facebook post promoting a institution can do wonders.

National Zoo and Aquarium Month is the perfect time to celebrate wildlife. Here at The Zoo Factory, we love celebrating the many fish and animals that live on our planet. That’s why we offer a wide range of stuffed animals to choose from. Look through our shop to see our selection of wildlife stuffed animals!

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Ways to Relieve Stress on National Stress Awareness Day

girl resting under a tree with a teddy bear

We all know that life can be stressful. Balancing work or school, friends, family, and everything else is a daily chore; one which can sometimes feel overwhelming. But the key is learning to not let that stress control you. And that’s what National Stress Awareness Day, on April 16th, is all about: finding strategies to reduce that stress, and live a happier life.

Here are a few healthy habits to practice and ideas to reduce stress on National Stress Awareness Day.

Relieving Stress on National Stress Awareness Day

Keep a Journal

There are a number of benefits to keeping a daily journal of some sort—it’s great for time management, and helpful in strengthening your memory and your focus. But one benefit that often goes without mention is an alleviation of stress.  And it’s fun to keep a record of your experiences and memories, too!


Meditation can come in many different forms, like yoga, sitting in silence, or leaving your phone in the other room while you concentrate. Whatever form it takes for you, a healthy meditation diet can do wonders to your stress levels. It lets you cleanse your mind of the day’s on-goings, and really focus on what’s in front of you.

Keep a Garden

This one is to all the folks who have any green space—be it a backyard, or park—close to them: get out there and garden! Planting flowers and taking care of a garden is one of the most proven strategies to reducing stress. Not only that, but it’s also great exercise. If you don’t have a backyard to plant in, get involved in your local community’s volunteer efforts.

Get a Stuffed Animal

To everyone here at The Zoo Factory, this one goes without saying. Having a stuffed animal by your side is a time-tested method of reducing stress, starting as early as childhood. Something about your favorite farm or jungle animal as a toy is just so comforting, and it’s no surprise that people of all ages love their stuffed animals.

At The Zoo Factory, we offer a wide selection of high-quality stuffed animals in all shapes and sizes for adults, and customized models and stuff-your-own-animal party packages for kids as well. So contact us today!

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Stuffed Farm Animals the Perfect Easter Basket Stuffers

Toddler with Stuffed Bunny

While the traditional Easter candy and other edible treats make great basket stuffers, a stuffed animal will become a lifelong friend to your children beyond the celebration of a once-a-year holiday.

That’s why we want to encourage you to incorporate some stuffed farm animals into your child’s Easter basket this holiday!

Froggy Favorites Basket Stuffed Farm Animals the Perfect Easter Basket Stuffers

Children that love frogs will adore a frog-themed Easter basket full of treats and gifts centric to their favorite animal. Fill colorful plastic Easter eggs with frog trinkets like shiny necklaces with frog charms, soft green socks, and dangly key chains. Tie the basket together with this adorable plush frog that will have your child hopping around with excitement on Easter morning!

Rainy Day Basket

Spring ushers in rainy days, perfect for splashing around in puddles! Create a rainy day Easter basket full of fun activities perfect for a rainy day, such as arts and crafts, treasured movies, new rain boots, and an umbrella with a silly pattern. Your child will love celebrating “duck weather” with this fluffy yellow duck and a new yellow rain hat.

Gardening Basket

April showers eventually bring May flowers, but you have to plant them first! Gift your little gardener with their very own gardening Easter basket, complete with packets of seeds, shovels, a bright watering can, and some fun gardener’s gloves. Make gardening even more fun with a garden buddy. This precious brown rabbit will easily help make gardening a new favorite pastime for your little one.

Soft and Sleepy Basket

Young kids love soft things to help lull them to sleep, so filling an Easter basket with only the softest treasures is sure to please! Pack a basket with soft, fleece blankets and small fluffy slippers. Throw in some fun soft pajamas, a new bedtime book, and the perfect snuggle buddy lamb for the ultimate bedtime basket!

Get a head start on your Easter shopping and head over to The Zoo Factory and select your child’s new best friend. Shipping is on sale for orders over $50 now through March 31st!