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4 Screen-free, Rainy Day Activities

When you get up on Saturday morning and see rain pattering down on your windows, you’ll realize that a trip to the park is no longer possible. However, you don’t want your child to just stare at the TV screen all day. That’s why we’ve compiled some fun activities you and your child can do when you’re rained in on the weekend.

Indoor camping trip

You may not be able to enjoy the great outdoors, but you can have just as much fun inside with a pretend camping trip. Set up a tent and spread out some pillows and blankets to transform your living room into a comfy camping space. Then, bring down some books, snacks, crayons, and other toys for you to spend your time with. And don’t forget to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal along for the trip!

Bake some sweets

A great way to warm up the house and fill your stomachs is to bake some delicious sweets. You can do something simple like chocolate chip cookies, or you can spend the entire day working on a cake for the family. Just be sure to keep your children safe while they’re in the kitchen.

Teddy bear picnic

Similar to having an indoor camping trip, you can also bring the outdoor fun inside with a teddy bear picnic. Get some snacks and drinks together and then gather all of your child’s stuffed animals (teddy bears or otherwise) around the picnic blanket. You can even plan additional activities such as hide and seek or an animal fashion show to keep things interesting!

Get creative

If your child loves arts and crafts, then break out some of the crayons and paints you have around your house. You want your child to have fun, so don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Just lay down a tarp or a plastic cover to protect your belongings from accidental paint spills.

As fun as all of these activities can be, they can’t be done without a trusty stuffed animal sidekick. So, if your child is in need of a stuffed animal of their own, then check out the stuffable animals here The Zoo Factory today!

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