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How to Teach Your Kids to Use Positive Self-Talk

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Most people are their own worst critics. And this can come to hurt us. When we constantly berate ourselves, put ourselves down, and criticize ourselves, we start to believe all those negative things. However, those negative beliefs are hardly ever rooted in the truth, and it can be especially painful for parents to see their kids be so hard on themselves. To combat this negativity, many therapists and psychologists recommend using positive self-talk.

What is positive self-talk?

Positive self-talk helps people reframe their thinking and build self-esteem. It’s not just about creating a positive attitude, it’s about teaching the brain to look at both the bad and good, rather than just the bad. We all have faults, and it’s good to be aware for them. Unfortunately, too many of us only look at our faults and do not look at our strengths as well. By using positive self-talk, you can bring those strengths into the picture to help you gain more resiliency and confidence.

First, recognize negative self-talk

Awareness is key to building any new habit. If your child is overly critical of themselves, don’t expect them to flip a switch and suddenly become more positive. Instead, teach them how to recognize their negative self-talk first. Tell them to listen to sentences that start with “I can’t,” “I always,” or “I never.” Once they’re aware of this negative self-talk, they can take steps to change it.

Ask questions and turn things around

Now that you and your child are aware of their negative self-talk, start digging a little deeper. Why does your child say or think these things about themselves? For example, if your child says, “I’ll never get a good grade in math,” ask them what makes them think this. Then, work with your child to turn these phrases around to make it more realistic and positive. Here’s how that would work:

Negative Self-Talk: “I’ll never get a good grade in math. I’m too stupid.”

Question: Why do you think this? What evidence is there to support this?

Positive Self-Talk: “Math is a difficult subject for me, but with help, hard work, and practice, I can get a better grade.”

As you can see, the positive self-talk example does not simply tell your child that “they can do it.” Instead, it recognizes your child’s struggles while also reframing the situation to empower them.

Model positive self-talk

Kids copy their parents. Even if you want your child to practice positive self-talk, they won’t do so if they see you being hard on yourself or others. If you’ve been critical of yourself in the past, use this as an opportunity to practice and model positive self-talk as well.

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Theme Ideas for a Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

cake with animals on it for child's birthday party

When you’re planning a stuffed animal-themed party, you have a few options for your setting. Some parents opt for one animal choice, to avoid fighting over specific animals, while others prefer offering an array of options to the kids. If you wanted to go for a particular theme, then you could choose a few options that relate to it. Alternatively, if you want to keep it generic, you could offer a wide variety of animal styles.

Farm Animal Theme

If you have a myriad of animals, you can go with an overall farm animal theme. This is probably the easier option, as it gives you more options for party favors, snacks, and games. Go with the color red, it’s often associated with barns. Give the setting a farm feel with cornstalks and hay bales.

Zoo Animal Theme

Another theme you can use if you want to have multiple types of stuffed animals are zoo animals. If your kids love exotic animals, this is definitely the way to go.

One Animal Theme

If you want to go the other way, and keep everything the same, choose an animal that you can work with.  For example, if you offer one choice, opt for a bear. Your child could have almost any theme decorations, and a stuffed bear section would make sense; it is versatile.

Dinosaur Theme

Does your child love the prehistoric era? Then go with a dinosaur theme! This is a nice compromise between having various stuffed animals or having just one. Kids will all get a dinosaur, but they’ll still be able to pick out their favorite one.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect theme for your stuffed animal birthday parties, it’s time to get the stuffed animals! At The Zoo Factory, we offer many party packs for you to choose from that are sure to delight guests of all ages!

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How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer

group of kids on bikes smiling

School’s out and summer’s here! But now that that your kids are no longer spending their days at school, they’ll need something else to occupy them. Here, we list some ideas to help get your kids out of their bedrooms and up and moving throughout the day.

Go on a family day trip

A family day trip is the perfect opportunity to get away for a bit and have fun as a whole family. It’s especially good for families who may not have time for a full vacation. Not sure where to spend your family day trip? Then read our blog containing family day trip ideas.

Plan friend group activities

Since they’re no longer seeing their friends every day at school, you may want to plan a few group activities for your child and their friends. Coordinate schedules with the other parents to see which days during the summer months are best for everyone. You can do this as a one-off activity or make it a regular thing during the summer.

Participate in summer sports

Does your child love baseball, softball, or another outdoor sport? Then summer is the perfect time for them to give it a try! Many little league seasons extend into the summer months. Plus, if your child wants to learn tennis or soccer, many local organizations hold summer lessons.

Try new hobbies

In addition to sports, your child can also try out new hobbies. They’ll have plenty of time to experiment with different ones and take various lessons during the day. Plus, once they’ve found one to their liking, it will be something they can enjoy for their entire life.

As your child is trying new things this summer, make sure a lovable stuffed animal is by their side! Take a look at our online shop to find the perfect summer-time companion for your child.