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Are Tweens Too Old for Stuffed Animals?

Teen girl with teddy bear

Your child’s stuffed animals have been at their side for years. Everywhere they go, their stuffed animals go, too.  Now, suddenly, your child is on the cusp of their teenage years. Those once coveted animals seem like kid-stuff now, but does that mean your tween is too old for stuffed animals? Not necessarily.

Stuffed animals are a source for comfort at any age

No matter what age you are, sometimes you need something to cuddle with after a hard day. A stuffed animal can be a great source of comfort because it never talks back, doesn’t give bad advice, and is always willing to lend an ear.

Adults love stuffed animals too

Stuffed animals seem like kids’ toys, but even adults love them! There are a great number of adults that either sleep with or travel with a stuffed animal. They believe that their stuffed animal provides comfort, or in the case of traveling, reminds them of home and family. It can also be a source of nostalgia for those of us who long for our care-free child days.

A few stuffed animals is okay

Some tweens said it’s okay to be a teenager with a few stuffed animals; that there is something to be said for enjoying the friendship a little longer. But they warn about going overboard. Many believe that a few are okay, but once you reach the latter teenage years it’s time to calm down. They admit that stuffed animals are adorable, trustworthy and special because they are staples from childhood. But once you reach the border of teen and adult, it’s probably time to shelve the stuffed animals, save one or two.

Grow at your own pace

Tweens are encouraging other tweens to grow up at their own pace. Perhaps that’s a good lesson for everyone. Take the time to appreciate the things you have, including your stuffed animals. When you’re young, the world is new and fresh. Enjoying it with a stuffed companion is a great way to explore the world, one moment at a time. Don’t rush through life, even when you become a teenager. There will be time later on to grow up.

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