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The Benefits of Giving Your Kids Chores

young girl doing chores

As your child gets older, you want to teach them the importance of responsibility. One key way to do that is to give them chores. Giving your child chores will not only help you around the house, but it will also teach your child vital life lessons. Read on to learn more:

Chores can build self-esteem

Accomplishing a task, especially if it was difficult, is one of the best ways to build your self-esteem. Your child may complain and grumble when they have to do chores, but once they’ve completed the task, they’ll feel a sense of satisfaction. When they see themselves finishing chores, they’ll see they are capable of more than they realize.

It encourages independence

When you ask your child to vacuum the carpet or dust the shelves, you’re teaching them how to take care of themselves once they’re older. Chores foster independence, and this independence will help them when they live on their own in the years ahead.

Chores will become a habit

The more your child does their chores, the more those chores will become a habit. They’ll stop grumbling about cleaning the dishes and instead automatically do it once dinner is done. By establishing these chores as habits, this will help them keep a healthy and clean environment when they’re out on their own.

It teaches cooperation and teamwork

When everyone pitches in to keep the house clean and orderly, your children will learn the importance of cooperation and teamwork. They’ll be less likely to see household chores as a burden but as a way to help out the family.

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How to Divide Chores Between Your Kids

How to Divide Chores Between Your Kids

Chores can teach our kids valuable life lessons, making them more independent and more successful later on in life. But when you have multiple kids, dividing chores amongst them can be a chore on its own. After all, you don’t want things to feel unfair, but you also don’t want to give your kids more than they can handle.

Here we discuss how best to divide chores between your kids to keep everyone (mostly) happy in your household:


Make it age-appropriate

The types of chores you assign to your children will depend largely on their age. For instance, a 12-year-old could handle vacuuming their own room, but you can’t expect the same of your 6-year-old. Keep the chores age-appropriate so that everyone can handle their fair share. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate for your child, look through this list here.

Use a buddy system

A buddy system can ease the burden and even make chores a bit more fun for everyone involved. A younger sibling can help an older sibling with their tasks, allowing both to get through their chores quickly. You can also pair similar-aged siblings together to complete the same chores.

Rotate chores

If your kids are close in age, then the fairest way to divide chores is to rotate them. In other words, if Stacey cleaned the toy room last week, then it’s Tom’s turn to clean it this week. This keeps things fair, but it also changes it up and prevents chores from becoming too monotonous.

Have a reward system in place

Frankly put, your kids won’t do their chores just because you tell them to (though we certainly wish that were the case). A reward system will motivate kids to keep up with their tasks and do what is asked of them. This reward system can be a simple allowance, or it can involve presents such as a trip to the ice cream shop or a new toy.

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