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How to Prevent Your Dog from Chewing on Your Stuffed Animals

dog sniffing stuffed animal

Many dogs love stuffed animals. They’ll cuddle up with them, sleep with them, and take them everywhere they go. Others, however, only see your stuffed animals as chew toys. So, what can you do if your dog keeps chewing up your and your child’s stuffed animal collection? Here are some tips to get started:

Separate your dog’s toys from your own

Provide a box or bin where the dog’s toys are located. Introduce this area to your dog and show them how to retrieve toys from there only. This will help your dog learn which toys and theirs and which are off-limits. Be sure to also make a positive association with the location of the dog’s toys. Throw a couple of treats in the box when the dog retrieves a toy or when he picks one up to put back.

Teach Your Dog Commands

If it hasn’t already been established, teach your dog the “leave it” or “drop it” command. Doing so will prevent further damage to your stuffed animals if your dog has their jaws around it. This will not only save you stuffed animals, but socks, slippers and toilet paper as well.

Keep Your Stuffed Animals Out of Reach

The best way to keep your dog from chewing up your stuffed animals is to keep them out of reach. A storage container with a locking lid is the best way to protect your stuffed animals. However, you can also place them up on a shelf or in a closed closet.


If your dog has chewed up a few of your stuffed animals, then you’ll need to get new ones to replace them. Here at The Zoo Factory, we have plenty of lovable stuffed animals for you to choose from. Look through our website to get started!


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Can You Put Stuffed Animals in the Washing Machine?

mother and child using washing machine

After years of use, our stuffed animals start to look a little dingey. They need to be washed, but you don’t have time to wash your stuffed animals by hand. So, you wonder to yourself: will my stuffed animals be ok in the washing machine?

Turns out—yes! Stuffed animals can be put in the washing machine. However, you’ll need to take the following steps to ensure they don’t get ruined:

Use the gentlest cycle

While stuffed animals can be placed in the washing machine, they still have delicate parts, especially if they have buttons or zippers. You’ll want to put your washing machine on the gentlest cycle you have—Delicate, Hand Wash, or Gentle cycles will all work.

Protect the stuffed animal in a mesh laundry bag

For added protection, place the stuffed animal in a mesh laundry bag or a zippered pillowcase. This will help ensure that nothing tears or falls off your stuffed animal.

You can use regular detergent, but mild detergent is best

Most detergents are safe for stuffed animals. However, if you want to take extra precautions, you can always use a mild detergent with cold water. This is the best option especially for older stuffed animals that may be more delicate.

Don’t put your stuffed animals in the dryer

The washing machine may be safe for your stuffed animals, but the dryer is not. You should always air-dry your stuffed animals on a towel. Then, use a hair dryer to fluff up the fur.

For more tips on how to care for your lovable stuffed animals, read through our blog or contact The Zoo Factory today!