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How to Encourage Your Kids to Get Better Grades

How to Encourage Your Kids to Get Better Grades

We all want our kids to do well in school. While some kids are intrinsically motivated, others not so much. They may need an extra nudge or two to truly put their best foot forward when it comes to schoolwork. If your child needs that extra encouragement, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Provide help with homework

Everyone needs a helping hand at least once in a while. Our kids are no different. When our children struggle in school, their motivation to do well takes a hit. They may believe that they will never understand a subject, thus believing that there’s no point in studying. If your child is in this position, consider providing them with some extra help either from yourself or from a tutor.

Set realistic expectations

Some kids will never be straight-A students. And that’s ok! Grades don’t always correlate with intelligence. Your child may struggle in math and science, but they may excel in art or music. Nevertheless, we still want our kids to do their best. So, instead of pushing your kids to get straight-As, encourage them to get grades just above what they are currently receiving. For example, if your kid has a C in Math, encourage them to bump it up to a B-.

Offer incentives

Incentives can be a great way to motivate kids who simply do not care about school. But make it an incentive that they truly care about. For instance, if your child loves soccer, tell them you’ll let them go to a summer soccer camp if they get their grades up. For young kids (such as kindergarteners or first graders), give them a special treat like new books, toys, or their favorite meal.

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