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The Benefits of Traveling with a Stuffed Animal

stuffed animals sitting in car seat

Traveling to new places can be an exhilarating experience for you and your kids. But from time to time, our kids can get a little homesick. That’s why many of them bring their trusted stuffed animal friend with them for the trip. Acting as a source of comfort, there are many benefits to your child bringing their stuffed animal along for the ride.

It reminds them of home

Many travelers pack a beloved stuffed animal when they go on trips because it reminds them of home when they have to be away. After all, going to a new place can be scary as much as it is exciting. Having their stuffed animal at their side can help your child transition to a new place more easily.

It will help them sleep

The first few nights in a hotel can be difficult for your child. They’re in a new place with different sounds. As such, they could get nervous when going to sleep at night. Their stuffed animal can help protect them and make them feel safe in strange, dark surroundings.

Stuffed animals are part of the family

To some, the stuffed animal is part of the family. When you go on a family vacation or a trip, you don’t leave some of your family behind; you take them all with you. So, why would you leave a beloved stuffed animal behind? Your child’s stuffed animal wants to enjoy the trip as much as they do!

Here at The Zoo Factory, we think every child should bring along their favorite stuffed animal on their next adventure. To find a stuffed animal for your child, look through our website today!

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3 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Stuffed Animal

If you and the family are heading out on your next trip, then don’t be surprised if your little ones start wanting to bring their favorite stuffed animal along. A stuffed animal traveling companion is always a great thing to have, but you’ll want to take care of it so that your child’s stuffed animal returns home safe and sound.

Make sure they’re in good condition

Traveling can really take its toll, both on humans and on stuffed animals. Before you head off on your trip, you’ll want to check the condition of your child’s stuffed animal. If it’s seen better days, then you should plan on fixing it up a few days before you leave.

Have a separate bag for your stuffed animal

We’ve all heard the story of a child losing their favorite stuffed animal at the airport. Don’t let your child or their stuffed animal be one of them. While your child may want to hold onto their stuffed animal at all times, it’s often better if you keep them in a bag while you’re moving about. This will prevent your child from dropping it or accidentally leaving it in an airport bathroom. If you’re flying, you can keep the stuffed animal in a carry-on bag or check bag, but it may be better to keep it in a carry on in case your child wants to play with it while they’re on the plane.

Bring along some clothes for your stuffed animal

A fun part of your child bringing their stuffed animal along for the trip is having that stuffed animal participate in the activities. To do this, bring along some clothes fitted for your stuffed animal so that they can look the part. For example, if you’re heading to a beach resort, grab a swimsuit for the stuffed animal to wear by the water.

Looking for a traveling companion for your next family vacation? Then take a look at the stuffable animals and outfits we at The Zoo Factory have today!