8" Animals

Each animal comes with a birth certificate and wishing star.

Showing 1–21 of 173 results

Showing 1–21 of 173 results

Watch your child’s imagination grow as they bring their 8” unstuffed animals to life. The Zoo Factory gives you dozens of unique animals to choose from, each with its own birth certificate and wishing star so your child can truly make the toy their own. The stuffable animals kits are safe and easy to use, and the soft stuffed animals are fun and comforting to children of all ages.

From mystical animals like dragons and unicorns to jungle animals like tigers, pandas and monkeys to all kinds of puppies, kittens, and bears, The Zoo Factory has an animal every child will love. Children can even create their own collections of animals they have stuffed themselves, or find one special toy that they can take with them everywhere. 8” stuffed animals are easy to hug and hold, take in the car, snuggle under the covers with, take to a friend’s house and more.

Select your child’s favorite animals and they can bring it to life with a stuffable animal kit. By picking out a name on the animal’s birth certificate and filling him with stuffing, the toy becomes a special friend that your child with cherish.