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  • Why Pets Loved Stuffed Animals Like We Do

    Growing up, our first best friend was likely our favorite stuffed animal. We all carried around our teddy bears, stuffed dogs, stuffed cats, and more. We all carried our treasured stuffed animals through life to help us tackle tough times and sleep through the night.

    As children, we really love and cherish our stuffed animals and we see similar patterns of behavior when it comes to our pets.

    It’s in Their Genes

    Different dog breeds exhibit different character traits towards stuffed animals based on their ancestors. Dogs traditionally used for hunting and carrying game, such as retriever breeds, enjoy carrying around stuffed animals in their mouth because the feeling is familiar.

    Dogs that are passionate about playing fetch or chasing things also enjoy the playful aspect of stuffed animals. Stuffed animals rip apart easily and many dogs enjoy it because it triggers that “hunting” instinct that they can’t help but satisfy.

    Pets Plays Favorites

    Both dogs and cats have “that one toy” that seems to be their favorite, but what makes a certain stuffed animal a “favorite” for your pet? Many different reasons could explain why your pet might like one stuffed toy the most, from the size and smell to the shape and texture.

    Your pet probably also enjoys how that specific toy makes them feel or they might believe they are taking care of the toy like they would care for a puppy or kitten. Pets create attachments to their favorite stuffed animals and associate them with mothering, playfulness, or relaxation.

    Our Pets Love Us

    Pets are intelligent and can make connection between special moments with their favorite toy and happy memories of you. Giving your dog or cat a new toy makes them happy with you, symbolizing a special moment that impacts your pet in a unique way.

    Perhaps because you gave your pet a stuffed animal and because they love and respect you, they choose to love and care for the toy as a result! This is likely why our pets attempt to play with us when playing with their toys!

    Stuffed animals bring a tremendous amount of joy to us and to our pets, providing everyone with comfort and love.

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  • Preventing the Dog From Attacking Stuffed Animals

     Stuffed Chihuahua Toy


    There are two scenarios that can happen when a dog is faced with your little one's stuffed animals. One, feisty four legged friends might treat stuffed animals as their arch nemesis. And two, they will want to cuddle, play and make friends with it and we can't blame them, stuffed animals are soft and cute!


    Even though the above are very common, your dog taking over your little one's stuffed friends won't go over so well. Our business is built on creating soft, plush and adorable friends for your little one to find comfort in, which is why this post is dedicated to keeping your dog from attacking stuffed animals.


    • Provide a box or bin where the dog's toys are located. Introduce this area to your dog and show them how to retrieve toys from there only.


    • Make a positive association with the location of the dog's toys. Throw a couple of treats in the box when the dog retrieves a toy or when he picks one up to put back.


    • If it hasn't already been established, teach your dog the "leave it" or "drop it" command. This will not only save you stuffed animals, but socks, slippers and toilet paper as well.


    • Show your dog a stuffed animal and if they attempt to approach it, enforce the "leave it" command.


    • If you are going to be out of the house, leave the stuffed animals out of reach. This is an important lesson for your little one as well.


    • Lastly, cross your fingers that any attempt you make works!


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