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  • Why Girls Love American Girl Dolls & Their Accessories

    american girl doll clothes and knock offsPleasent T. Rowland, a retired teacher and writer, founded the Pleasant company in 1986. Operating out of Middleton, Wisconsin, the company produced three dolls, each from a different era of American history. American girl dolls open up the imagination, filling a child's eyes with wonder, and the doll comes with an educational benefit as well.

    Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly were the first three original American girl dolls, each with her own set of historically accurate accessories and outfits. Their popularity exploded in the 90's and kids still go crazy for them today.

    American Girl Doll Nostalgia

    The girls who grew up with American girl dolls are now having kids of their own, and parents love to give their children the same things they loved. Subsequently, the popularity has grown even more in the last few years.

    Collecting American Girl Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories

    When a child has one of these dolls, it opens up a world of options for gift-giving occasions. With a myriad of outfits and accessories available, you can appeal to a youngster's personality and give "The. Best. Gift. Ever."

    What Makes them Awesome?

    In addition to collecting and playing dress-up, girls are getting even more creative with the American Girl Dolls now. Check out this adorable dance video, featuring six American Girls. The impressive part? This was all done by a 9-year-old, with minimal help from an adult; looks like someone has a career in choreography or video production!!

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