Child Caring Tips

  • 4 Things to Do for When Your Kids Are Stuck Inside

    Many parts of the United States have recently been impacted by the coronavirus. In order to protect us, government officials are shutting down large gatherings and closing schools. Unable to go to class or attend games, our kids will likely get bored being stuck at home all day. Here are some things you can do to keep them busy:

    Cook up something good

    Who doesn’t love the taste of home-made cookies in the afternoon? If you’re spending a lot of time at home, then that means more time for you and your children to cook up some great meals and desserts. It’ll also act as a great way to teach your children some cooking skills that will help them later in life. Just be sure to follow these safety rules when cooking in the kitchen with kids.

    Play some games

    Playing games with your kids is a great way to spend some quality time with them and keep them busy at the same time. You can get out some board games such as Monopoly or Twister, or you can play games on their PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. You can even do pretend play with stuffed animal for something more out-of-the-box.

    Arts and crafts

    Tap into your child’s creative side by doing some arts and crafts. You can draw some scenes from nature, paint your favorite animals, or create a scrapbook of all of your favorite family moments. And don’t be afraid to let them get messy—you can always lay down a tarp or a canvas to keep the mess contained.

    Read some books

    If you’re stuck in the house, one of the best things you and your children can do is to read all of those books that have been gathering dust on your shelf. Even if your child isn’t much of a bookworm, now can be an excellent opportunity to get them into reading. Try to find some books that focus on their favorite subjects, making sure that the reading level isn’t too high or low.

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  • How to Teach Your Child to Share

    “Sharing is caring,” as the old saying goes, but while most of us adults understand this, our children usually don’t. We often struggle to teach them the value of sharing, especially when it comes to their most prized objects—their toys and stuffed animals.

    However, sharing is a vital life skill, and one that we need to teach our children while they’re still young. Here’s how:

    Taking turns

    The best way to introduce the concept of sharing to your child is by teaching them to take turns. If you force a child to share by taking their toy away permanently, they’ll associate sharing with something negative. Instead, by taking turns, your child will be without their toy for a shorter amount of time, teaching them that giving something away doesn’t mean they’re without it forever. To make it fairer, set a timer on your phone so that each child has the toy for an equal amount of time.

    Be a role model

    Our children learn most of their behaviors from us. That means if you’d like them to value sharing, you, too, have to share with others. Practice sharing not only with friends and strangers, but also with your child to drive the point home.

    Praise positive behavior

    It’s easy to scold bad behavior, but many parents often forget to praise good behavior when it happens. If your child just willingly shared one of their toys with a friend or sibling, use descriptive praise to let them know how happy you are. Our children want our approval, and praising their good behavior will make them want to repeat that behavior in the future.

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  • 4 Screen-free, Rainy Day Activities

    When you get up on Saturday morning and see rain pattering down on your windows, you’ll realize that a trip to the park is no longer possible. However, you don’t want your child to just stare at the TV screen all day. That’s why we’ve compiled some fun activities you and your child can do when you’re rained in on the weekend.

    Indoor camping trip

    You may not be able to enjoy the great outdoors, but you can have just as much fun inside with a pretend camping trip. Set up a tent and spread out some pillows and blankets to transform your living room into a comfy camping space. Then, bring down some books, snacks, crayons, and other toys for you to spend your time with. And don’t forget to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal along for the trip!

    Bake some sweets

    A great way to warm up the house and fill your stomachs is to bake some delicious sweets. You can do something simple like chocolate chip cookies, or you can spend the entire day working on a cake for the family. Just be sure to keep your children safe while they’re in the kitchen.

    Teddy bear picnic

    Similar to having an indoor camping trip, you can also bring the outdoor fun inside with a teddy bear picnic. Get some snacks and drinks together and then gather all of your child’s stuffed animals (teddy bears or otherwise) around the picnic blanket. You can even plan additional activities such as hide and seek or an animal fashion show to keep things interesting!

    Get creative

    If your child loves arts and crafts, then break out some of the crayons and paints you have around your house. You want your child to have fun, so don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Just lay down a tarp or a plastic cover to protect your belongings from accidental paint spills.

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  • Babysitting Tips for Beginners

    Did you just land your first job as a babysitter? Congratulations! While the idea of getting a job (and a paycheck) can be exciting, there are some things that you should be aware of before you walk through the door.

    Ask plenty of questions

    When it comes to babysitting, the old adage rings true: there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Kids can be a little quirky and understanding their habits will leave you better prepared once you’re home alone with them. Even if you don’t think of everything you want to ask on the spot, you should have the parents’ phone numbers on hand so that you can text them when the need arises.

    Reinforce the house rules

    It’s tempting to be the “cool” babysitter who lets the kids stay up past their bedtime, but this is also a surefire way for something to go wrong. There are house rules for a reason, so be sure to stick to them as much as possible. The parents will be grateful, and the kids will soon respect you.

    Have an open line of communication with the parents

    If something bad happens, don’t try to hide it from the parents. It’s best to speak with them frequently and honestly about any issues that pop up. After all, parents know their children better than you do, so they’ll know the right ways to tackle a certain situation.

    Stay organized with a planner

    Whether it’s for one night or several days, you should keep track of everything you have to do and when. Kids perform better under structured environments, and as the babysitter, it’s your job to take care of everything as planned. To do this, keep a planner with you containing such things as nap times, school schedules, food preferences, and more.

    Bring along some entertainment

    While kids will have their own games to play with, it’s not a bad idea to bring some of your own to add to the fun. Board games, video games, movies, and even your own stuffed animals are all great things to spend the time with. Plus, it’ll be fun for you too!

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